Leftover farewells

The day after Thanksgiving, some friends stopped by for Thanksgiving leftover and spending time before sending me off shore. 
♡ nom fig jam and cheese on thin crackers.

This time, total seven people sat at a round table. We reheated every leftover in the oven, and the meat was a tad dry even with gravy sauce. In addition to three pies left, we received two more pies from these visitors.
Some 13 years old made this jello non-bake cake. This was very velvety like Bavarian cream. It was served with raspberry jam.ラブラブ
Another one was organic pumpkin pie. 
We ate and ate again. 
More desserts for me and drinks for friends. ニコニコ
Wines went down quickly amongst them. 
I then have to finish packing. 
And perhaps get a bit of sleep.
Happy leftover day. ドキドキ
2 more nights before my depature.