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The number of Breweries is increasing in Japan. On the other hand, people who drink craft beers are still not a lot.

Being inspired by this current situation, I named my beer bar "Toothbrush"("Haburashi" in Japanese), which indicates, of course, one of the most familier item in our life. 

"Toothbrushing" is the action which EVERYBODY does EVERY SINGLE DAY. And this is what I want for the "beer-drinking", to be a part of one's daily life. I wish my bar could turn "beer-drinking" into common action like "toothbrushing"... this is why I put this name on my business.

My bar's logo also reflects my concept very well. It has three bubbles on it, and each of them represents something; 
First bubble is the bubble of toothbrushing. Second one, the bubble(foam) of beer. And the Third one, the bubble of talk, so called "talk bubble".
I wish people can have nice "talk bubble" with flavorful "beer bubble" as a part of their life like "toothbrushing bubble". This is all I dream for my beer place and I will try my best to achieve it!

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog!