Hi, peps! 音符

How is everybody doing? I hope everyone is doing just fine. Yep!

This time I won't act like a little depressed ass, I swear. A lot of things happened, there are a lot of new informations too, but I need to relax and think calmly about it before posting here about those things.

For now, Let's just say I feel better. Maybe it's the effect of the new medicine I'm taking, dunno.

Welp, anyway.

Today I and five friends of mine went to karaoke and, later, to the Game Center near Zaza City. I had lots of fun, da-ha! We even took purikura. Maybe I'll post something later... Or not. I don't look good in photos, much less in purikura. orz

Anyway, I've never felt this good in a while. I'm content, for now.

Bye! ハート
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