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2011-09-20 20:16:54

☆ お誕生日 ☆

Hey you guys!
Today was my birthday!ニコニコキラキラキラキラ
To everyone who remembered, and to everyone who just realized, thank you for your wishes!にひひ

$juice me up-birthday kid
How do y'all like Sige's present for me?おとめ座

It was a perfect day, with a lot more gifts than I expected.
From my brother and sister I got a new pair of Converse, bluish gray.
Sige gave me a haircut (at a salon, lol),美容院
and Dau gave me groceries!ナイフとフォーク
And... Hey, what's that sound?

Bragging Interlude

Oh, it's the sound of me, taking a moment to brag.

So we set a budget before we went into the store, because we didn't want to give me free reigns
(well, I wanted to, but you have to respect the other party's wishes).
And you know what? I'm a freaking genius when it comes to making the money last longer.メガネキラキラ
For 150 SEK (23 USD) I got:

$juice me up-grocery list


I don't know if you realize the awesomeness,
but I can probably make this amount of food last for 3 months.
Yup, 50 SEK (8 USD) / person and month.
I'm gonna make an awesome housewifeチョキ
(as long as my husband works and makes sure I've got money to be economic with)目

There you go, I'm done. Let's get back to business.

End Interlude

Where were we?
My parents had also bought some gifts for me, which I didn't expect.
A very happy surprise!ドキドキキラキラ

It seems they don't think the "talk" they had with me this summer is quite enough.にひひ
Despite telling me straight out that I've become fat,
they think I need further incentive to diet.
Therefore, they bought me a pedometer and an exercise diary.むかっ
Don't let it be said I can't take a hint!サーチ

But seriously, I was very happy for their presents,プレゼント
I've wanted an exercise diary for a really long time now,
and the pedometer is really high quality!
(Some kind of luxury pedometer?キラキラポケベルキラキラ)
Thanks a lot, Mutti und Vati!ラブラブドキドキラブラブ
Tomorrow I'm going out for a long walk!走る人走る人走る人
2011-09-10 12:08:50

And So It Begins...

Heading out to town now,
tonight is the Culture Night!
I'm hoping to see some interesting and exotic stuff.
Bringing my camera just in case.べーっだ!

Got really annoyed with Sige this morning, haha.
It was a really long time since I shared an apartment with her,
so I had completely forgotten that alcohol makes her sleep lightly.
She was up and about at 6 a.m. this morning,
waking me up in the process.むっ

As for yesterday, I didn't finish my writing,
but I begun a Empire of the Sun fic with Basie/Jim.
I guess alcohol doesn't really help me focus, haha.

Bye! 8D

2011-09-09 12:18:40

Tonight: firewhiskeyfic !

$juice me up-firewhiskeyfic

キラキラカクテルグラスOn tonight's schedule: firewhiskeyfic!カクテルグラスキラキラ

Def looking forward to it!
I've already started to prepare.
Have to get my nerd on, you know.メガネ

For those of you who are unacquanted with the concept,
the term derives from firewhiskey,
an alcoholic beverage consumed in the Harry Potter universe.

During a firewhiskeyfic-night, you simply write a fanfiction piece under the influence.
(Fanfiction being stories written by fans for fans, with the characters and/or setting from an original work)
If you bother with logic, you could probably assume that the fics are to take place in HP-verse,
but since I'm such an effin' BAMF, I'll ignore that and just do my own thing.パンチ!

Until then!おとめ座
2011-08-24 22:56:01


$juice me up-Nyponsoppa

I'm on a diet again...
It sucks, haha.
But so does being too heavy.
Now I drink a lot of nyponsoppa instead.にひひ

Even if it's traditionally considered a dessert and has a lot of sugar in it,
one cup contains only 110 kcal.
Plus, it's way better than diet shakes.ガーン
Tried one that was supposed to be chocolate flavored.
Instead, it tasted like cardboard bloated in muddy water.
Has anyone ever had a positive experience with diet shakes!?
2011-08-16 20:36:04


Cooked some traditional Swedish food with my mom:


Most people buy their pölsa at the supermarket,
but that pölsa contains pork, so I don't eat it.
Therefore, mom and I did our own, with moose meat instead!
Unfortunately, moose meat is less fatty than pork,
so it was a bit different from ordinary pölsa.
Still delicious, though!ニコニコ

It's not very popular nowadays, probably because of how it looks,
but I think it's tasty.
It's basically the innards of the animal of your choice,
usually pork is preferred, boiled and minced,
with barley and spiced with marjoram.

$juice me up-Pölsa

As you can see, it doesn't look very appetizing...むかっ
From what I've heard, it's similiar to Scottish haggis.
You eat pölsa with potatoes, pickled beetroot, and fried eggs or bacon.
It's a dish very rich in calories and fat, so you can't really eat it often.
But back in the days, when people performed hard physical labor every day,
it was very common.
2011-06-24 03:45:50


Time for one of the highlights of the Swedish cultural year:


$juice me up-Midsommar
A Frenum ladder! 8D

Literary: midsummer. Didn't take a genius to figure that one out, huh?

In Sweden, Midsommar is really big.
I mean, REALLY big.
Everything is closed up, because everyone is out on the countryside, celebrating.

As far as I know, you celebrate Midsommar because summer is warmer and more pleasant than winter,
and possibly because that's a good opportunity to ask the gods to bless that year's crops. べーっだ!

As previously stated, most people celebrate it out in the countryside, as did I.
We dance around a big, flowery pole, shaped like a penis,
and then we eat herring, potatoes and drink vodka.
You know, Swedish stuff.

$juice me up-Midsommar food
Traditional Swedish food

But I must confess something.
There is just something about people living in the countryside that makes me uncomfortable to talk to them.
I really don't know why, but it feels as though we've got nothing to talk about.
Somehow, I take for granted that they are farmers, and...
What do farmers do?
In theory, in the comfort of my own home, I can picture a possible conversation,and it works out fine.
But then I stand there, and they become these weird creatures that I'm really unsure how to handle.
Practise makes perfect, and all that.
I regret to say that the young Lööf's are snobs.

Another tradition is to pick seven different kinds of flowers,
in seven different fields, and then put these flowers under your pillow when you're sleeping.
While picking these flowers, you're not allowed to utter a sound.
If you follow the steps correctly, you're supposed to see your future husband/wife in your dreams.
Guess who I saw~~

Honestly, though, I only saw a man once. Once. And I tried every Midsommar during my childhood.
Fuck Swedish superstition.

2011-05-26 14:45:33

Sakta jag gå genom stan-

Hey guys~

I'm despairing over here.
The last week has been spent in Stockholm with my sister.
My dad's in Östersund, so we took the chance to borrow his apartment.

$juice me up-Woohoo

It's a nice place, by the water, which my dad appreciates.
I wonder if it's got anything to do with him growing up in the archipelago?
He likes them boats and water surfaces and shiet, while I'm more of a mountain kinda girl. べーっだ!

But everyone's busy here!
Therefore I spend most of my days just walking around Stockholm,
doing some window shopping and visiting tourist spots.

And the other day, I accidently stumbled upon the old slum quarters!
They're pretty close to where my dad lives,
and this is where two of his idols, Tage Danielsson and Hans Alfredsson had their studio.
Couldn't find the house, though, not that it matters.
Some other houses:

juice me up-Vita Bergen

juice me up-Vita Bergen

During the 19th century it was Hell there, but I guess it kinda beats a cardboard box any time...
2011-05-01 04:58:26


In English, Valborg is called Walpurgis Night.
Traditionally, you light big bonfires,
but nowadays you just use it as an excuse to get shitfaced.
Valborg is particularly big in the university cities,
so if you're in the Stockholm area the 30th of April,
you should really take time and come to Uppsala!
The day is so popular, that we even celebrate the day before,
calling it Kvalborg (Kval- as in the trial for sports competitions).

In Uppsala, it's tradition for students to go rafting on Fyrisån.
They build the rafts themselves,
so don't expect any genius constructions...

One group had built a raft in the form of an excavator,
with the arm movable!

$juice me up-Valborg

They used it to try to smash the rafts in front of them.
It was really cool.

Then came something I wasn't really sure what it was at first.

$juice me up-Valborg

Then I looked closer.
The theme for these guys' raft was...
It was complete with a smoking nuclear plant,
large cracks in the ground,
and a gigantic wave rushing towards the land.
I was a bit uncertain if it was okay to joke about it...
Got to think of the PC, you know.

But after Japan came...

$juice me up-Valborg

The small, annoying elephant from Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter!
FMÄFÄFE is an old children's programme from the 70's,
it's supposed to help kids learn how to read.
Check it out:

Told you he was annoying...

$juice me up-Valborg
Willy Wonka and his Oompa-Loompas!

$juice me up-Valborg
A Dala horse with it's Dala men! 8D

After the rafting, everyone goes to one of the parks on campus,
where they sit and drink and party together.
Some also go to the Champagne races,
where you drink buckloads of, you guessed it, Champagne,
and spray it at each other.

$juice me up-Valborg

$juice me up-Valborg
Threatening clouds

At a crossing, I saw the cutest thing!

$juice me up-Valborg
2011-04-29 11:00:30

The Royal Wedding

The British one, that is.

Take a look at it live right here!

$juice me up-William & Kate

EDIT 12:10: Ok, now I'm bored. Lovely dress.
2011-04-03 15:53:05

Kalles Kaviar

This is totally a product placement.

Let us take a moment to talk about the delightful invention that is Kalles Kaviar.ラブラブ
Who would've thought that cod roe, potatoes and tomato purée would taste so amazing together?
Abba did, obviously.
(No, not the group, the food company.)
Together with its soulmate 'boiled eggs' they create a beautiful symphony of scrumptiousness.ドキドキ音譜

I'm so happy that you can buy this salty treat at IKEA, because I would miss it if I were to move abroad.
The tube I bought the other day is now officially finished.
The entire day has been spent in gluttony, and I love it.

$juice me up-Yummers
Some milk with this, and my happiness is secured.

Did you notice?
I used the pauper's side of the bread!

The upper side of crisp bread has small craters in it, like this:

$juice me up-Crisp bread

When you put butter on this side, it slides down into these recesses,
so you use more butter than actually necessary.
Therefore, you say that poor people put their spread on the downside of the bread,
in order to save money.
Now I'm officially one of the ill-fated in society!
Fantine ain't got nothing on me.パンチ!
But no regrets. That tube was totally worth it.ラブラブ!
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