There is diet to use the fermented food for a method attracting interest while various dieting methods are devised.

Soy sauce, miso, yogurt, natto were made by fermentation.

The case to want to eat with a thin figure effect and the healthy increase effect will use the fermented food positively.

Using the action to have of the microbe, the thing which it is more delicious, and does it is work called the fermentation with ingredients as an edible state.

It becomes the natto if I let cheese, a soybean ferment if they let milk ferment.

I hold down synthesis of fat to fermented food, and the essential amino acids which are an ingredient letting it is hard to save it, and fat make the body are included.

Because there is many that I have abundant vitamins which are indispensable to energy combustion such as the vitamin B complex, it is said that the fermented food is good for diet.

It is a characteristic of the fermented food that there are many enzymes.

Metabolism increases and can begin to boil unnecessary fat outside a body by taking it in.

I make some fermented food on a meal menu and am crowded, and it is a method of the fermented food diet every day to eat a little.

A diet effect may be given by the matching between ingredients more clearly by using several kinds of fermented food together.

It is fermented food to be effective for not only the diet but also beauty.

I utilize fermented food well, and it may be said that it is the method that can diet effectively by continuing every day, and taking it in.