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2014-04-16 16:26:51

Kiwi? Key (for) We(dnesday)!

テーマ:Healthy Wednesday

These delicious imported Kiwis are back in stock at Costco, but for how long?

Nobody knows.

Care2.com writer Diana Harrington gives 14 great healthy reasons to eat kiwi fruit.
14. Naturally Organic
13. Exotic Taste and Look for Food Variety
12. Great for the Skin
11. Create Alkaline Balance
10. Protects Against Macular Degeneration and Other Eye Problems
9. Suitable For Diabetics
8. Helps Fight Heart Disease
7. Helps Clean Out Toxins
6. Improves Digestive Health
5. Smart Carb for Weight Loss
4. Boosts Your Immunity
3. Protects from DNA Damage
2. Helps Manage Blood Pressure
1. Helps Your Digestions with Enzymes

So let's eat a few kiwis and keep our Wednesdays nice and healthy!

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2014-04-10 18:45:18

My Mighty Milk!

テーマ:John's Journals
Hey folks, John here.

I'm really excited about our newest Costco product, 4.3% Milk! Back when I wrote the blog about how my traditional English breakfast I didn't fully mention the milk that should go with it. Well, I leurve whole milk! And (to me anyway) 4.3% is as close to the straight from the cow milk that I love so much.

Milk it!


This, by the way, goes great with another of our newest products.

Nesquik chocolate milk mix! (Not nesquick, with a C, of course).


2014-04-02 12:43:12

Behold! The Scarlet Pumpernickel!

テーマ:Healthy Wednesday

Arguably the first story of a super hero with a secret identity was that of the Scarlet Pimpernel, a novel by Baroness Emma Orczy in 1905. But rather than that, I can easily remember the 1949 Warner Brothers version starring Daffy Duck ... The Scarlet Pumpernickel!

The reason that this has recently come into my head is largely because of our new healthy product, Pumpernickel!

The healthiest of all breads (according to The German Bakery of Windsor), Pumpernickel contains many necessary vitamins and minerals. And if you're a fan of Japanese popular culture, it also boosts your level of MANGANESE!

2014-03-21 12:26:14

How A Dog Really Drinks: Self-Cupping

テーマ:John's Journals
Hi guys

Last night one of my friends sent me this video of a dog drinking in slow motion. Have a look, it's really quite mesmerising.

Using their own tongue as a cup, awesome. That being said I'm definitely not going to try that the next time I have a cup of tea .

But with that in mind, it's important for dog owners to make sure that their friends are getting the right nutrients. Though we don't sell dog water, we do have a nice range of dog foods.

If you don't have a dog yourself but want to do some good, why not consider donating some dog (or cat) food to Animal Friends Niigata. They are a non-profit organisation that do fantastic work caring for and re-homing some of the many unwanted animals found in Niigata Prefecture and in other parts of Japan.
2014-03-05 19:53:09

My Favourite Coffee Advert ... GLEN!

テーマ:John's Journals
We sell a wide variety of coffee products here at Yoyo Market, though I personally am a bit of a Starbucks fan (ok ... please stop booing ). But my favourite thing about the coffee isn't the flavour, it's this one particular advert. Enjoy!

Glen, Glen, Glen!
Glen, Glen, Glen!
Glen, Glen, Glen ...

Glen's the man, going to work
Got his tie, got ambition
Middle management is right in his grasp
Its a dream he will never let die!

Glen's the man of the hour
He's the king of his cube
Status quo reports have finally met their rival
Burning the candle at both ends on his way to the top
He knows one day he just could become ...

[ ... voice over ... ]

Roy Roy Roy! ...
2014-02-22 11:31:05

How I Sleep Well ... Well, Sleep Anyway

テーマ:John's Journals
Since I moved into my apartment I've used a futon. Everyone has their own view on futons, but personally I'm more of a bed person. When I go to bed, I like being able to actually go to a bed. I really should get one at some point, maybe I'll use our-own Ikea Personal Shopper Service

Anyway, to rectify my less than perfect night's sleep, I needed to get a good pillow. As well as the Dreamy Night's Pillow, Costco also carry the Pure Comfort Gel-Memory Foam Pillow. Ahhhhhh.

I've always been a fan of firm pillows, especially as I like sleeping on my side. Soft pillows, though they do feel great when you lie down on your back, just don't have the same support as a firm pillow. Well, that's what I find anyway, I'm no neck-sleep specialist .

Proof you ask? Well, it's Saturday and I had plans at 9am ... I didn't get out of bed ... uh ... stand up from futon until about twenty minutes ago.

In fact I might go back for a snooze.


2014-02-18 15:40:37

Culinary Diplomacy

テーマ:Trendy Tuesday
Recently I read an article about culinary diplomacy. In it they discussed about this trending concept of culinary diplomacy which everyone in one form or another might have heard of. For example, when you think Korean food, do you think Kimchee? When you think of Thai rice do you think of Jasmine rice? This is all part of a new technique by governments to promote a particular food that identify's them.

Read More here... (Hat tip: The Splendid Table)

OK! Now here's a good test can you tell what country likely promotes this?

Heinz Beanz

2014-02-17 18:51:39

The Eagle Milk!

テーマ:Spotlight Monday

Our Spotlight tonight is the Nestle Eagle Condensed Milk!

For those who don't know the Eagle Family Foods Incorporated and its brands/products were acquired by The J.M. Smucker Company in May 2007. No way!

The company's name is derived from the product created by Gail Borden and sold under Borden, Inc. from 1856 to 1997. The company was created in 1997 by employees of Borden Milk Products, which sold its condensed milk line. Read more about it here...

All we know is that it's great for deserts, toppings, and more.

Get a can and enjoy!


2014-02-15 10:33:26

His Genuine Traditional British Breakfast

テーマ:John's Journals
Truth be told, I'm not much of one for meal preparation in the morning. I generally like to get up (after fighting with a nice warm duvet on a winter's day) and go. But I know it's important to eat breakfast.

Ever since I was a kid, the vast majority of the time breakfast has comprised of a bowl of cereal. Sure many people know about the Traditional British Breakfast, and I do love that by the way, for me  and the kids growing up in my area, that was more of a treat, and it VERY rarely happened during the week. Mainly as everyone has to get to school or work, there's little time to faff about with sausages, beans, toast, eggs, fried bread, hash browns ... mushrooms ... bacon ... black pudding ... *drool*.

Where was I? Oh yes.

If you want a genuine British breakfast, to me breakfast cereal is the way to go. Now we at Yoyo Market do have a good range of cereals, with my favourite being the Kellogg's Frosties. Why you ask?

They're grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

But there are some cereals we just can't stock yet; I'm waiting for the day we can get Rice Krispies and Sugar Puffs.

But it's not only the cereal, you have to have a milk that suits you when it comes to a good breakfast. Again we have a wide variety of milks to choose from, including milks made from soy and rice. But here's a type of milk I've never seen before, and definitely haven't seen at Costco.

Oh, homo milk is short for homogenized milk? Ahhhhhh! Naruhodo.
2014-02-12 18:35:37

Happy Wednesday everyone

テーマ:Healthy Wednesday
We're sticking with a theme here folks Valentines day!

Make sure to get in on some great specials including all orders placed until mid-night tonight get a special valentines day gift!

Now on to the most impurr-taint stuff. Some of might not know, but as a single guy in his late twenties with a cat valentine's day can always be a bit tough... Luckily Buzzfeed has my hopes up with 27 Reasons Your Cat Makes The Best Valentine... :

Stay frosty folks!

Josh out


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