I did not know that I had a penile yeast infection until it was too late. I don’t mean that it was too late to be cured but if I had realized earlier I could have saved myself the excruciating pain that I suffered when going to the toilet.

The first symptoms that I had actually started about a month before the one which is normally associated with a normal male yeast infection. I am normally quite fit and active which I have to be with 6 children and a granddaughter to run about after, so I became a bit worried when for no apparent reason I started to feel very tired and lethargic.

My first thought was that it was stress due to my job, but I had been doing the same work for two years so it couldn’t possibly be that. I then started to think about other illnesses that could have possibly caused this sudden change. The last thing that I thought it would be was a yeast infection,but how wrong I was.

About a week after my symptoms started my wife was diagnosed with having a vaginal infection and it was whilst she was at the doctors that it became apparent that I could have an infection as well. Whilst at the surgery my wife mentioned that I was suffering from chronic tiredness and it was then that the doctor mentioned that I could be suffering from a penile yeast infection and that I had probably passed it on to her (well I can tell you that went down like a lead balloon).

So the next thing I knew I was off to the doctors.

So here I am at the doctors surgery, not because I wanted to but just to keep my wife quiet. I had been feeling under the weather lately so though I would kill two birds with one stone. I could get something to help me with my fatigue and I could go home and tell my wife that I did not need any male yeast infection treatment.

I mentioned to my doctor the fact that my wife had a vaginal yeast infection and it was then that she asked me the following questions.

Are you suffering from tiredness or fatigue?
Do you sometimes feel depressed?
Do you have shortness of breath?
Do you suffer from memory loss?
Do you have any joint pain?

I answered yes to all of the above questions and was promptly diagnosed as potentially having a penile yeast infection.

“No that is not right, I do not have the normal yeast infection symptoms”. I was astonished that my symptoms could be caused by this.

I was told that although my symptoms were not recognized as being the normal ones if I did not get treatment now I could suffer some serious discomfort.

I was then showed some photos of what could happen if I did not get treatment. These certainly opened my eyes and to be honest made them water (check out the page images to make your eyes water to see what I mean). I was prescribed some cream and anti-biotics and sent on my way.

Now being a normal stubborn male, I thought that I knew best and did not bother to get my prescription. What do these doctors know anyway I kept saying to myself.


About a week later I had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. The pain that hit me was excruciating, a burning sensation the likes I had never experienced before and never want to again.

The doctor was right and I felt a bit of a fool as this could have been prevented if I had not been so stubborn.

So now it was time for some male yeast infection treatment.

Seeing those pictures that the doctor showed me certainly opened my eyes to what could happen if I did not get treatment. I therefore decided that it would probably be a good idea to take the prescribed medication, in order to cure my Penile Yeast Infection.

A few days later I actually started to feel a bit better, so it looked as though my medication was working.

However a week after finishing my medication my symptoms resurfaced with a vengeance. Not only did I have the burning, but I also started to get blisters on my penis. It was starting to look just like the penile yeast infection pictures that my doctor had shown me. Another trip to the doctors was in order and another course of anti-biotics and cream.

Again the symptoms disappeared after a few days and again they resurfaced two weeks later. My penile yeast infection treatment was not working

It looked to me as though the medication was only treating the symptoms and not the cause.

I needed to find something to cure the root cause of the problem and clear my yeast infection up once and for all.

After spending many hours surfing the internet I was still none the wiser and I was beginning to give up hope.

Then I found the answer in the most unlikeliest of places, the gents toilets in my local pub.

It was whilst I was having another burning moment that a friend of mine asked me what was wrong. I mentioned to him about the Yeast Infection Symptoms that I was suffering from and he told me that he had also suffered from the same thing about six months ago.

I asked him how he had gone about treating this and whether he was now cured. He said that initially he had visited the doctors, tried the prescribed anti-biotics and cream and how they had not worked. He then went on to say that he had actually found the cure in an e-book and he had been symptom free for five months now.

Now that last statement certainly grabbed my attention and I asked him where I could find this information.

Well I checked out the http://goodbyeyeastinfection.com and although skeptical I purchased the e-book as it promised that the cure was 100% natural and drug free.

Within three days of following the instruction in this book my symptoms started to clear up and within two weeks I was symptom free.

Now three months later, I am still symptom free from any penile yeast infection, I no longer feel tired all the time and feel that I am in control of my life once again.