2010-05-04 18:30:44

Moderate Drinking May Help the Heart


Well, well... I just read an article that says that moderate drinking of ANY type of alcohol may help the heart -- actually reduce the risk of heart attacks! When I read that, I nearly had a heart attack! :-) They aren't telling people who don't drink to start drinking. No, they wouldn't do that--probably because drinking causes other problems. However, if you use your common sense, if you don't drink TOO much, and if you don't drink and drive, then there MAY be some benefits to light to moderate drinking. For example, according to some studies, light drinking helps the heart, and moderate drinking helps just as much as (but not more than) light drinking. So, more is not better. You could say that moderate drinking isn't any worse than light drinking (healthwise) -- just more expensive. However, once the line is crossed from moderation to excess, all health benefits are eliminated and more health risks are introduced. So take care.

Until next time...

Key Words and Phrases

light drinking -- three or fewer drinks per week

moderate drinking -- four to seven drinks per week for women; four to fourteen drinks per week for men

reduce -- make smaller

risk -- chance

common sense -- knowledge that everyone should have

benefits -- something good for you

study (studies) -- scientific research

healthwise (colloquial) -- regarding health

moderation -- not a little but not too much

excess -- too much

eliminated -- erased

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2010-04-14 12:16:27

The Benefits of Exercise

We have known that exercise prevents us from getting fat, tones the muscles, and generally makes us look healthier. However, now we know that it reduces the risk of cancer, too!

I just read an article that states, "Regular workouts may help fight off colds and flu, reduce the risk of certain cancers and chronic diseases, and slow the process of aging." (click here to go directly to the article )

The reason exercise reduces the risk of cancer is because cancer thrives on sugar. Regular exercise reduces your insulin levels which creates a low sugar environment. This helps to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells.

If you are not exercising regularly, don't risk your life anymore. Remember that it is a health risk to be inactive. In fact many experts agree that NOT exercising is just as risky as choosing to fill your lungs with poison by smoking cigarettes.

I firmly believe that exercise (along with a healthy diet, prayer and meditation) can prolong one's life.

To your health and happiness...
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2010-04-12 17:45:40

Body Healing Class

I started a new exercise class on Monday evenings last week. It's called "Body Healing" and it is a combination of tai chi, yoga, and pilates. Last night was my second time, and I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit, although it makes me sweat a lot.

I've been doing yoga now for a few years, and many years ago I did kung fu. Now, I'm just trying to keep in shape and stay healthy.

I think I like this class because it is a challenge, but it is also relaxing with its fluid movements (that must be the tai chi part). Also, I am a firm believer in the benefits of yoga (which combines stretching, breathing, and meditation). For those of us who
sit in an office all day, finding time to exercise and relax is essential to maintain our health and our sanity.

Until next time...
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