2012-06-20 07:04:32

May 2012 Global Free Hugs Video

テーマ:Free Hugs
I've been anxiously waiting for this video to come out, and here it is. It's the "Global Free Hugs" event that took place in May of this year, sponsored by Positive Focus. Enjoy!

If you missed the one I made in May, be sure to check it out. Here it is again:

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1 ■Joy

I couldn't get there and for some damn reasons, still I'm afraid of being in the film and or take a part in such open activities. But the time will come soon and will meet up with you to experience the joy. See ya.

2 ■Re:Joy

>KOOKOO クークーさん
It is very difficult to "step beyond one's comfort zone" but it is worth the effort. Especially when it involves spreading joy. :-)