2012-06-14 11:07:57

Cloud Erasing

テーマ:Think about it...
Some of you may have noticed a long time ago that I put on my profile that I can erase clouds. I got the idea from a famous author/scientist named Masaru Emoto. Today I found this video on his site of a guy erasing clouds. I know the video is real, because I have done this so many times myself. Take a look, and then give it a try. It really helps one feel connected. It also makes you realize what our thoughts are capable of doing.

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4 ■Re:It worked!

>KOOKOO クークーさん
Wow! Like a poem! Life is beautiful when we learn that clouds (representing bad things in our lives) can be erased with a positive thought.

3 ■It worked!

It did! So real!
Something evel that's killing me just disappear before my eyes.
Some secrets in the shadow that were haunted by devil seems gone away.
This is a courtesy call
It is your act of your kindness.
It is a message that we can't quit untill we try.
We can't live untill we die.
When we just open our eyes, we see that life is so beautiful.

2 ■Re:Amazing!

You've got to try this! It is an amazing experience to discover that you CAN do this!

1 ■Amazing!

Yes,our possibility is unlimited and spaceless,
as we can't catch the cloud^^;







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