2012-04-18 23:06:13

Important Announcement

テーマ:Free Hugs
On May 6, I will be participating in a FREE HUG event as part of another global effort to spread love and peace. If you want to join me in Tokyo, contact me at http://1truespirit.com/

If you want to participate in another city, please contact the organizers here:

$Welcome to Vincent's Room (瓶栓斗の部屋)

I am not organizing this event (as I did the September 21 Free Hugs for World Peace event). However, I am participating and will send my clips to be combined with others. I would love it if others joined, too.

If you are interested, please let me know. We will probably be doing the event in Shibuya. It seems to be the best place. There is a big open area with lots of people. Anyway, you can message me if you are interested in joining. It is always a lot of fun!

If you haven't seen any of my free hug videos, yet, check them out on http://1truespirit.com/

Here is the one I organized on September 21, 2011...

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