2012-04-08 00:14:51

12 Billion Arms

テーマ:Free Hugs
Just went to a nature airliner concert tonight. Loved it! They played "my" song "12 Billion Arms." A year ago, I asked Laurier Tiernan to write a song for one of my FREE HUG events, and he came up with a great one. He and his wife, Eiko Hosaka Tiernan, (the duo that makes up nature airliner) recorded the song. At the concert tonight, I ended up giving some free hugs :-) to the people there! So many nice people!

Check out my free hug video with the song 12 Billion Arms!

12 billion arms...6 billion homes! Peace everyone.

Until next time...
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3 ■Re:Masterpiece! :)

>あまがえるクロロ IIさん

2 ■Re:Masterpiece! :)

>あまがえるクロロ IIさん
Wow! Thank you for your kind words! I must send your comment to Laurier Tiernan!

1 ■Masterpiece! :)

The message involved in the lyrics is really touching and convincing. Besides, the tender melody is quite well organized to get the words reaching the bottoms of many hearts.

Moreover, in fact, I'm so astonished by the amazingly sophisticated outcome of the recording - i.e. the very transparent preamplifier without any harmful noise & the super-natural mastering quality to let this track achieve as high sound pressure as digital full scale allows it to.

I wish the future of this song & your activity a very best luck! :-)







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