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2009-09-20 18:24:37

Virtual Reality Therapy

テーマ:Think about it...
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to discuss some books I bought while I was in Hawaii. One of them is called My Stroke of Insight.

奇跡の脳/ジル・ボルト テイラー


See my previous blog entry regarding Jill Bolte Taylor, the author. There is also a link to a very interesting video.

In another recent blog entry I mentioned my interest in mind/body medicine and linked to a game called re-mission, which is a computer game that helps cancer patients imagine fighting their cancer.

It is very interesting to me that I came upon this quote from the book My Stroke of Insight on page 136 (the end of chapter 14) in the English version: "To help other stroke survivors, I'm working on the creation of a virtual reality system whereby individuals can neurologically rehabilitate themselves through what I call 'visually directed intention.'" I had no idea that Jill Bolte Taylor was involved in such a project. I find it fascinating to see how seemingly unrelated events or information come together for a purpose that was not specifically intended by me or anyone else.

I think that coincidences aren't really coincidences. I think that events are planned out by a mysterious and intelligent force. All we have to do is pay attention.

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2009-09-15 09:29:13


テーマ:Think about it...
I came across a great quote the other day by Ernest Holmes: "We have to be flexible and tolerant as well as positive and affirmative. And even if someone throws a brick at us, we need not catch it. It is far better just to step aside. When we catch the bricks that are thrown at us, it is generally for one purpose only--to throw them right back. And the first thing we know, the air is full of bricks, and what a mess that makes. It will help if we decide to play the game of life in a happy way."

I was thinking about that statement and thought it would be a good practice to shout out "Brick!" if you see one coming or if you accidentally throw one yourself. It would be a good, light-hearted reminder to ourselves and others to treat each other with respect and kindness.

brick (literally): a heavy block of hardened clay used to make buildings
brick (metaphorically): destructive words of criticism, unkindness, or thoughtlessness
flexible: willingness to let someone else have their way
tolerant: accepting people as they are
positive: upbeat, seeing the good in others, finding the good in every situation
: encouraging others by pointing out their strengths and their efforts

Until next time...
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2009-09-14 16:07:51


Sunday, I participatd in a festival. Now my shoulders are swollen and very tender to the touch, and my calves hurt when I walk...but what a great experience!

Welcome to Vincent's Room (瓶栓斗の部屋)

It's very cool how I got involved. About 8 years ago, I lived in the same apartment complex as a ramen shop owner. About a week ago, my wife and I decided to go there to have lunch and to say Hi to some old friends.

Welcome to Vincent's Room (瓶栓斗の部屋)-omikoshi-1

We didn't know it at the time, but the festival (which only happens every 2 years) was scheduled for a week later. It was a happy coincidence to meet our friends just one week before the festival. We were invited to take part in it fully from beginning to end. We got started at around 10:30am after getting in to the correct attire.

The festival involves carrying a portable shrine (omikoshi) through the surrounding neighborhoods taking breaks every so often to eat and drink. One purpose of the festival is to have fun while you are thankful for life's blessings (especially food and drink).

Welcome to Vincent's Room (瓶栓斗の部屋)

The other purpose is to carry God around to all of the neighborhoods, so that each neighborhood can be blessed by God's presence. Some believe that God is actually present in the shrine, and that may be true, but I felt the presence of God in the hearts of all those participating in the festival. I think that is how the neighborhoods are truly blessed.

Welcome to Vincent's Room (瓶栓斗の部屋)

I also met some new friends.

Welcome to Vincent's Room (瓶栓斗の部屋)

The video below is kind of fun (for me). I'm right in the middle of the action. If you notice a hand going up and giving the peace sign, that's me.

The festival
lasted until about 6:00pm that evening. After that, you guessed it, more eating and drinking at the ramen shop.

Until next time...

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2009-09-06 20:05:53

Mind/Body Medicine and Computer Games?

テーマ:Think about it...

I've been wanting to post an entry about mind/body medicine ever since I heard about the computer game called "re-mission ." It's a free download. The 3-D graphics of inside the body are excellent. Cancer patients can take a virtual active role in fighting their disease by shooting cancer cells. Cancer patients (especially kids) might find this game fun and even therapeutic.

Ten years ago while attending Walden University, I wrote a paper on this same subject. I thought it would be a good idea to create a game that would help people visualize their immune system fighting to cure their disease. You are welcome to read my paper if you'd like. It's located here: Merging Virtual Reality and Mind/Body Medicine . I realize that English is a second language for many people reading my blog. My paper is long and is for advanced English language learners or for people who want to challenge themselves as they learn English. Don't let that stop you from spreading the word about "re-mission "which is a very cool game that could help people who are fighting a terrible disease.

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2009-09-06 17:57:37

Hawaii Trip

テーマ:My Journal

What a trip! We were constantly on the move and taking pictures of everything we saw! I'll post a few of the pictures when I get to work on Monday.

I guess I should explain what the trip was all about, first. You see, I just finished writing 96 chapters for a very cool project for kids who want to practice reading English. Some of the chapters are about science, some are about history or social studies, some are famous stories that I rewrote in rhythm and rhyme, and many are poems and stories that I made up myself. The theme for the project is Hawaii, so that's why we made the trip. We will use many of the pictures we took to add a nice touch to the project (along with some great illustrations by Tacos! ).

I'm very excited about it, and it should be published soon!

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