今週は、ずっと一人で働いてる!ちょっとだけ寂しいけど、なんか一人ぼっちで平和やなぁって 爆笑
I've been working by myself all week! It's a bit lonely but it's also pretty peaceful! Lol!

I bought some gummy bears

But when I opened it...

普通のグミも、赤ちゃんみたいなグミも入ってた!なんか暇だったから別れた (≧▽≦)
There were regular gummies and "baby" gummies! I didn't have much to do so I separated them. Hahaha

....just your average day at CBS! 
Last night my friend suddenly hit me up and asked me if I could film a video with him the next morning at 8am.

cbs二時から仕事があったのに、いいよって言ってた (^^ゞ
I had work at CBS from around 2pm, but I said I could do it anyways.

Which means I've been working from 8 this morning alllll the way til midnight with no break!

But I got to meet a lot of different people so it was fun.

It was also for a big brand like Dove, so that was great for my portfolio!
I finally bought a new phone!!

三年ぶりに新しいのを買ったからマジで楽しんでる 爆笑(^^♪
It's been about 3 years since I bought a new one, so I'm super excited lol 

My old phone couldn't really handle Ameblo very well so I stopped updating my blog, but it's pretty easy to use it on my new one so I'm thinking of starting up again!

So after I downloaded the app, I noticed that the amount of people who have visited my blog from this month and last month are waaaaaay more than I could have ever imagined!

いやあ〜 マジでビックリしたわ(´Д⊂ヽ
Man~ I was seriously surprised!

I was wondering what kind of blog posts they're mostly visiting,

キセキの英訳と、hellaの意味の記事やった! (✽ ゚д゚ ✽)
And it seems like a lot of the visits are to my translation of Kiseki and for the one on the meaning of hella.

また英訳やりたくなってきた!だから、誰かが訳してもらいたい日本曲があれば教えてください!!!m(_ _)m
All this is making me want to start translating stuff to English again! So please if there are any Japanese songs you'd like translated to English, please let me know!!

I'm looking forward to translating stuff again :3