With the current situation , the insects gradually ravaging human life , namely : destruction of buildings and houses .... According to statistics during tháng 10/2013 Dermatology Hospital has been a lot of cases of contact dermatitis caused by insect bites , peak days to more than a dozen cases .

1 . If the household or individual : Should I find the insect and professional reputation , if the insect attacks to destroy the house , but not human life , needs : Buying drugs inside package for room service spray , air spray water away around corners at close to 3 hours
 Note:
There are many families often make the mistake of not equipped with protective gear . Therefore it is necessary :
+ Basic furnished including masks , clothing to ensure the chemicals do not affect exposed skin and especially for the families with small children .
+ Where no protective clothing can wear a raincoat or long clothing and wash carefully clean after finishing spray .

2 . If that works , the condominiums : should kill with regular frequency 2 times / month and 1 kill on the weekend : 7 , Sunday
 Note:
For apartment buildings , office buildings , in the process insecticides should cover tools , fixtures .... Users avoid exposure to insect sprays indirectly through instruments , furniture ...


Many units insecticides , termite if to mind when you search on the Internet will find a range of selected units but units reputable and professional in the way , way back as an advisory question ? Company Vietnam pest control services termite , insect agencies in Hanoi always satisfy our customers , we periodically kill and warranty. With several years of experience > 2 years we are willing to listen to customers , understand the mind , the share from which advise customers as well as how to solve the simplest remedy .

With the motto of our work :
1 . With a team of technical experts , experienced experts in the field of insect control ready consultancy , survey and design plans to control and eradicate the insects completely free .
2 . Consultation for customers optimum measures to eradicate and prevent the best .
3 . Our seasoned with warranty for households and there are incentives for households , the traditional customer service insecticides in Hanoi
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