• 05 Mar
    • 04/03/2015 log

      00:00Good night!!07:30Wake up!!! Too sleep!!!08:00Taking my mother & son to the hospital!08:30Arrived at the hospital! My wife looks so fine09:00In front of operating room in the hospital! Operation will start soon09:30Recovery room10:00My wife looks slightly fine11:30Leaving the room!12:30Leave the hospital 14:00Come back home!15:00Taking a nap ! Everyone was tired!18:00Having dinner 20:55So tired22:00Taking a shower23:50Not so good...Today we had a big event. My wife had operating in the hospital. The result was good, we felt relieved. I hope she will be better soon!!つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 04 Mar
    • 03/03/2015 log

      01:13ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/Q3IN9j01:13Good night!!!09:10Good morning!! Cloudy & cold day...09:30My team meeting!!10:30Supplier meeting!!12:30Finished my work!!13:00Leave my office!!14:00Arrived at my home!14:40Taking my wife to the hospital!!15:00Hospital!15:30Moving to the room. My wife stay here16:00Working in the hospital!18:00Having dinner with my wife!! Good dinner!20:00Leave the hospital!20:40Having dinner again^^22:00Taking a bath with my son!23:38My son doesn't sleep at all...Tough day for my family! I hope my wife will be better soon!つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 03 Mar
    • 02/03/2015 log

      00:09ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/ZmFj1e08:20Good morning!!! Wake up for 2o minutes later!!!09:00Taking a bus!09:25Very very crowded... Just arrived at my office09:30Group meeting!10:30Next meeting with my team!11:45Finally In the morning we discussed about schedule 12:30Lunch time!13:30Checking attendance management16:00Talking with consultant!18:00Meeting with supplier 20:00Go home!20:30Arrived at home!21:00Dinner!!22:00Bath!!23:00Lie down...So tired...つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 01 Mar
    • 27/02/2015 log

      00:53ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/2MKYGA07:10Good morning!! It's cloudy...07:30No broadcast from city office08:00Join cleaning activity in my city 08:45Just finished! Good experience!09:00Breakfast!!10:30Take a nap 12:30Wake up!13:00Watching TV program13:30Lunch!!16:00Going to shopping 19:00Come back to my house20:00Taking the bath with my son 21:00Dinner22:00Lie down!23:49Feel so sleepyBad weather!! I was so tired because I joined cleaning activity in the city which I lived. Tomorrow I want to be sunnyつぶやきがブログになる24LOG

    • 27/02/2015 log

      00:27ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/JdqLAK00:30Good night 09:52Good morning!!10:00Taking a shower 10:15Go to the hospital with my wife 12:00My wife will have to be operated 13:30Lunch, sushi15:00Shopping 18:00Home!19:00Taking a bath 20:00Dinner!23:00Feel so sleepy Bad day...つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 27 Feb
    • 27/02/2015 log

      00:02ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/ILVid600:14Good night!06:40Good morning!!07:50Taking a bus08:10Just arrived at my office09:05Design review!!10:00Next meeting!!11:30Territory meeting!!12:30Lunch!!13:30Supplier meeting 16:00Next!! Supplier meeting!!17:30Meeting with other department 18:30Calling calling...20:00Discussion ...22:09Leaving my office23:03I'm home!23:46Having dinner!!Hard day!!! I was so tired this week. I want to take a rest enough time. Tomorrow I will take my wife to the hospital!つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 26 Feb
    • 26/02/2015 log

      08:59Good morning!!! Rainy... Too bad09:30Group meeting 10:30Discussion with supplier12:30Lunch time!15:00Meeting!!18:00Tough order from my group leader20:00Report design status to my boss22:41Hard work!! I will go back home!!!22:52I'm home!!23:16Taking a shower23:40Having dinner!!!23:56ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/TtJ8N0Headache due to bad weather. Although I took some kind of medicine to cure, unfortunately, they were no effect for my head pain. So I need to take a rest enough time for tomorrow. I lie down...つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

    • 24/02/2015 log

      09:04Good morning!! It's also warm today.09:15My office!!09:30Meeting with my team!10:30Next!! Project meeting!12:30Lunch time!13:35Move to laboratory!!16:00Meeting about quality18:00Meeting with supplier!20:30Report current status to my boss!22:23Left my office!! Waiting for train23:12Arrived at home!23:30Cleaning pet room!23:45Taking shower!23:55Dinner...Today I had a lot of meetings. I was so tired because some problem occurred. However I love my work. I have to do my best for myself and my family!つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 25 Feb
    • 25/02/2015 log

      00:46ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/NaNebV00:54ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/6PNRbQ01:00Washing my teeth!01:12I updated my blog01:26I bought English texts to improve my English ability.09:00Good morning!! Cloudy...09:30Group meeting!!12:30Lunch time!!13:30Team meeting again14:30Studying strategy21:30Leave my office22:00I'm home22:15Training for muscle 22:30Taking a shower!23:00Having dinner!I couldn't update blog due to system error. It was difficult to remember what kind of event occurred! つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 23 Feb
    • 23/02/2015 log

      00:46ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/sJ7aYf08:00Good morning! Sunny day and warm!!08:30Leave my home! Driving car to my office!09:00My office! Start to work!!09:30Have a meeting with my team!10:30Go to the test bench!13:00Lunch!!14:00The long meeting start18:15Just finished my work!18:40Just got the train!!!18:54I picked up my mother and brother!19:30Arrived at home!20:29Having dinner!!!21:00Taking a bath with my son!22:48Feel so sleepy...23:00Goodnight...My mother and brother came to my house. My wife was not so good. They will help my wife and take care of my son. I thanked for their hospitality.つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 22 Feb
    • 23/02/2015 log

      00:14I study English but feel so sleepy...10:00Good morning! Long long sleep due to fatigue 10:58Breakfast!11:57Post office!!12:40Shopping to grocery store!13:30Came back home and lunch16:00Wake up from the nap17:00I make my son wake up from nap19:30Taking a bath with my family!21:00Dinner!23:22I sent email to bus company about my opinion.23:29ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/vw0Spd23:50Studying English!!I took a rest. This week I was so tired, physical and mental. Next week I hope we will have many good events.つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 21 Feb
    • 20/02/2015 log

      00:10Goodnight zzz...08:00Good morning! Day off!08:45Leave for my house11:49Home from the hospital!12:42Lunch with my family !! Japanese noodle, udon!13:46Tax office!14:15I have to move from tax office to offer final return!!!14:49Just finished final return... so tired...15:00Shoppingmole!17:00At home!18:00Washing my bathroom!!19:15ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/OFclUX19:30Taking a bath with my son21:46Having dinner!22:48Washing my teeth & made my son washing!Today I was day off because I had to take my wife to the hospital and go to tax office. We got bad news but I believe our situation will be better. At tax office I offered final return , it took long long time. I was so tired...つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

    • 21/02/2015 log

      01:10Watching TV program, Doctors! I love it!!01:28ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/2PHJgQ08:00Wake up!!09:17Seven eleven! My son likes it very much!09:33Arrived at the station!!10:06Romance car!11:20Just arrived at Benesse!!11:40Let's start English lesson!12:40Finished lesson!13:05Waiting for lunch!13:25Enjoy lunch!!14:47Just got train, romance car!15:21The train is stopped!16:12Just arrived home!!21:32So sleepy...22:42My son slept!23:18Blog update!This was first experience! I went to Shinjuku with my son without my wife!! It was so hard because my son was free to run, sing and cry!!! But we enjoyed English lesson and lunch and so on. I love my son, of course I love my family!! Good day I never forget!!つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 20 Feb
    • 20/02/2015 log

      00:32Dinner although midnight...00:53ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/yAVvKY01:14Good night!08:00Good morning & breakfast!08:45Leave my office09:17Ebina SA! Emergency!!09:50Traffic jam...11:00Just arrived!!11:30Live meeting!12:35Lunch time!!13:00Meeting and discussion!!15:00Telephone conference with supplier!16:00Test bench!!18:30Finished working! Leave my office!!19:59Lawson in Ebina!!20:32Home!!21:05Having dinner!23:11Working at home.23:50iKnow!!Business trip again! This week twice business trip! Hard day.つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 19 Feb
    • 18/02/2015 log

      00:43ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/bexMGs00:59See you tomorrow!!06:45Wake up!!07:00Breakfast!!07:20Leave my home by car!07:40Just arrived at the station to pick up my colleague!08:30It's an emergency on highway!08:40I find convenience store!09:10Arrived at the my factory on my business trip12:00Finished my business trip! I will return my office!13:00Lunch at Ebina SA13:30Arrived at my office!20:00Starting daily meeting with supplier 22:30Finished today's work23:21I'm home!!23:37Cleaning Guinia pigs room!!By the afternoon I visited my company's factory on business trip. After that I went back to my office. After that we had a long long meeting... So tired!つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 18 Feb
    • 17/02/2015 log

      00:13I'm home !!00:18ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/QZyiKf08:35Cloudy morning! Is it rain today?09:00Arrived at the office!10:00Having a big meeting with supplier!12:30Lunch time!13:30Short meeting with my group!16:00Having meeting with other supplier 17:30Short conversation with purchasing group20:30Telephone conference with supplier... 22:20Leave my office!22:30It's cold rainy. I deove company car and took my coworker to near station!22:50Starbucks!!23:30Taking a shower23:50Having dinner only Japanese soup!Very very hard day because I had a lot of meetings with supplier. Tomorrow I will be busy on business trip. So very tired. I lie down...つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 17 Feb
    • 16/02/2015 log

      09:03Good morning! My back is sored...22:31On my way home by train!Very very hard day in spite of Monday. Tomorrow I have a big meeting with supplier. So I will wear the formal suit! つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 10 Feb
    • 09/02/2015 log

      01:00Good night!!09:02Good morning!! Just taken a bus!09:05It snows!21:28Leave my office! Going my home!!22:50Cleaning my guinia pugs room!23:00Stomach muscles!!23:20Took a bath!On Monday I had a lot of work because I was day off on Friday! In particular it was so hard to communicate with India team! It took long time to understand what the problem was.つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

    • 08/02/2015 log

      00:26Watching TV program!! Doctors!!00:30ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/UQD6qx01:04Writing & reading training in English!!01:41So sleepy! Before sleeping I studied English!!09:55Good morning & breakfast!12:08Lunch-!!17:08Light meal??19:14Cleaning the bath after shopping!23:41Working!!On Sunday we stayed at home. As late lunch?, we were going eating Japanese noodle, udon! I love it, enjoyed it! Good day!つぶやきがブログになる24LOG

  • 08 Feb
    • 07/02/2015 log

      08:58Good morning!!09:00Learning final return!!09:21Just arrived! I lost my way...12:02Very difficult !!! Finished!!12:16Having lunch!14:19I'm home after softbank!20:49Taking a bath and enjoying dinner!!22:14ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/udeE1022:20ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/e7aKYG22:26ログをまとめたよ!goo.gl/EDXRrq22:51Toothache!!!I joined seminar, final return!! It was so difficult to make a document. I needed help. After that , unfortunately I had a headache. I took a nap for 2 hrs. But I felt sleepy...つぶやきがブログになる24LOG





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