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    • 11月29日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなう本日12 分学習しました - iKnow! http://t.co/taIewqMt11/29 2:36AP News - Vettel wins 3rd straight F1 title in Brazil http://t.co/T6ZNojzH11/29 10:14AP News - Maldonado and Bottas to race for Williams in 2013 http://t.co/VXRrnW0E11/29 10:43AP News - NASA scientists eyeing regional dust storm on Mars http://t.co/5o4Sf57P11/29 14:01I finished business trip today. I am so tired about physical and mental burden. I want my leisure rather than overtime money!!11/29 22:18>>もっと見る

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    • 11月28日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうチェックポイント到達! Core 3000:ステップ1 - iKnow! http://t.co/usJx2dN411/28 1:43AP News - Vettel to stay aggressive in Brazil despite lead http://t.co/gAztkVwp11/28 9:18AP News - Schumacher relaxed for farewell race in Brazil http://t.co/c0e6Meu611/28 9:18AP News - Hamilton fastest in 1st practice for Brazilian GP http://t.co/qjj1mZDa11/28 9:18AP News - Button edges Vettel in practice for Brazilian GP http://t.co/a9F612Js11/28 9:39AP News - Hamilton wins pole position for Brazilian GP http://t.co/M25hNTEQ11/28 9:59AP News - Schumacher says it may be an emotional final race http://t.co/xJtLMG1811/28 13:11AP News - Alonso wants 'chaotic' race to keep hopes alive http://t.co/j6BCVCFg11/28 18:35AP News - Massa upset with notion he could take Vettel out http://t.co/DjSTxToi11/28 18:58>>もっと見る

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    • 11月26日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうI went shopping to buy blood pressure. I knew my blood press. is higher more than my notion... I must take care food which I eat every day.11/26 2:14AP News - Alonso celebrates 'best season' of his career http://t.co/VVW9WbMz11/26 12:34AP News - Column: Can Formula One get any better than 2012? http://t.co/VYTBYjlo11/26 12:54>>もっと見る

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    • 11月25日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうToday, i took my son to the hospital with my wife because we look my son was conscious about his ear. The result is OK, we felt relief.11/25 2:40As a today's activity, I went washing my car after so long. My car is brilliant now. I get satisfaction in this condition.11/25 2:40Oops! Today is Brazil GP in F1. This is last race in this season. I am looking forward to this race because of making a decision winner!11/25 2:41I don't know why I continue to run diarrhea for a day. My wife is same condition. Maybe recently it becomes cold. It will come winter soon.11/25 3:35It is time to go to bed. Now it's 3:00 am. I don't decide what I will do tomorrow. When I wake up, I will think what we should do!!11/25 3:36かんたん・健康エクササイズ|ジャイアントスイング|オムロン ヘルスケア http://t.co/zHa15zAm TVを見ながらエクササイズ!!11/25 17:40>>もっと見る

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    • 11月24日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうIf I didn't have my work, I would go to Hokkaido. But the reality is to scold for 2 hrs. I wish I had a good thing tomorrow!11/24 3:05My tomorrow plan, I will take my son to the hospital due to earache. I don't use my car because of improving my health condition!!11/24 3:05Oops!! Now it's 3:00 a.m. It is time to go to bed. But I need to study English. At first, I want to sleep ASAP, I am so tired...11/24 3:25Tomorrow I will go to shopping to get blood pressure. Maybe I have a risk because my wife may not permit whether I can get or not.11/24 3:25>>もっと見る

  • 24 Nov
    • 11月23日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうI must cancel to go back to Hokkaido due to my work. It's shame to meet my relative, especially my grandmother.11/23 2:30Tomorrow it will be rainy. I will feel down and tomorrow is holiday!! Labor thanksgiving day!! I can't understand why I must work!!11/23 2:30I have just boarding train. Although it is labor holiday, I have to go to work. Maybe I can't go back until tomorrow.11/23 9:16>>もっと見る

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    • 11月22日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうThe Institute for International Business Communication「TOEIC presents English Upgrader」 this APP is so good!! http://t.co/waWKBUWm11/22 1:37I has just started TOEIC test! Next target is over 600! I can't achieve this target at once. I will do my best!11/22 1:58Today I suffered from heavy headache. Now I feel better than before. If my condition is better, I will go to Yokohama on business trip!11/22 1:58Day after tomorrow, I will go back to Hokkaido because it has passed one year since my grandfather died. My concern is my health condition.11/22 1:58I am going to Yokohama on business. Today I feel better than yesterday. I don't feel headache. But I will go back home ahead of time.11/22 8:51Noise is leaking from the earphone of the guy behind me. It is very noisy!! And this train is very crowded...11/22 8:51AP News - A lot on the line at season-ending Brazilian GP http://t.co/oDUnxCKt11/22 8:51>>もっと見る

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    • 11月21日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうI will go to Yokohama on business trip. In fact, I enjoy this life because it takes 2 hr from here to Yokohama. I can study English.11/21 2:23Just my plan, I will take a TOEIC in March! I will start to study for TOEIC! The target score is over 600. Do my best!!11/21 2:23Today I suffer from headache, it is difficult to go to business trip... Now I wonder weather I go or don't. Maybe I should take a holiday.11/21 13:28Recently I don't feel health condition. Every week I go to various hospital, but doctors couldn't find root cause. I don't know what I do...11/21 13:49鳩山氏 政界引退を首相に伝達 http://t.co/OTDXCeQf He will retire popitician. I heard his address in election district.11/21 19:31「独島」掲示 処分を近く発表 http://t.co/xEkmzKD2 His behavior was not impolite at peace festival. I am interested in his clear out.11/21 19:53AP News - F1 season comes down to final race in Brazil http://t.co/MFGLhCTp11/21 19:53AP News - Japan's Abe says strong economy tops his platform http://t.co/suk8UUaj11/21 19:53>>もっと見る

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    • 11月20日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうAP News - Red Bull wins F1 constructors' championship http://t.co/3KDoyfyN11/20 2:18My boss complain about me. Although this is my opinion, "Leave me alone. I understand what I'm doing"!!11/20 13:50I left for my house. My father will have stayed it for three days. My concern is whether my wife clean our room or doesn't...11/20 22:13I can confirm 10000 paces. And I cannot eat my favorite sweets! It's very healthy.11/20 22:13>>もっと見る

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    • 11月18日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなう肝機能が…持病の経過観察で病院に行ったら肝機能がヤバイと!齢30にして…って事で運動しろとの事なので、万歩計買った! http://t.co/5csENQQG11/18 2:15I am very hungry because of limited diet. I can't bear eating , I will eat miso soup, Japanese traditional soup. This is low calorie.11/18 3:20Last Friday I bought a passometer to observe my health condition. Recently I felt so tired every day... http://t.co/8wmCW4Bv11/18 3:41When I woke up, it was 2:00 pm. I can't believe. I prepared to wash my car yesterday, but I couldn't go... http://t.co/ZXFdB92L11/18 17:39Now I am going shopping. I want to walk a lots to reduce my weight!!11/18 17:39I don't know the reason why I feel stomachache. My health condition something wrong. I may be disease...11/18 19:20I am going to shopping alone. From now I will come back my house. I will have to wash our bathtub. I will take a bath with my son!11/18 19:40>>もっと見る

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    • ここ最近の出来事♪〜お久しぶりデス^^〜


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      つばっちさんの投稿したなうAP News - Vettel: Sorry for swearing, don't be sensitive http://t.co/FjECXrOW11/17 3:28As a next step to improve my self condition , I want blood pressure by Omuron. Tomorrow if I have time , I will go to the shopping!11/17 3:29When I woke up, I had such a bad dream! My new glasses was broken... I wish good thing occur for me today.11/17 16:39Now I am in shop to improve my car's condition. Suddenly I can't watch tv on my car. Now expert was checking my car. Maybe it will be good.11/17 16:39My car is completely fixed by professional tuner. B-CAS Card is something wrong. As next step, front camera will be installed! I can't wait!11/17 17:55As a next activity today, I will be clipped by hairstylist. Next week I will be back to my hometown.11/17 18:15>>もっと見る

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    • 11月16日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうIt's time to go to bed due to business trip tomorrow! However it takes train for a long time, fortunately I can study English well.11/16 2:25Day after tomorrow, I will go to tuning shop to confirm whether issue is ok or NG!!11/16 2:25I don't feel so good due to dizzy caused by my disease. I will go back home soon if possible.11/16 11:30Now I am in Yokohama on business trip. I use a pedometer which I bought yesterday to reduce my weight. I'm looking forward to the result.11/16 11:30The train I took was delay due to accident causing injury. Only I was waiting, but I felt so tired. I wish I were slept soon.11/16 23:33I have been using passometer. Now my counter of step is 12977!! I didn't know what I walked for one day.11/16 23:33>>もっと見る

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    • 11月15日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなう新型メガネメガネ買いました!ってか、そろそろ過労死しそう…疲れた(泣) http://t.co/qqDpKFhC11/15 1:00I am in the hospital!! My doctor said, you should stop eating sweets!! Your liver is like a goose-liver!! I think I will walk to my office!11/15 17:42Today's my plan is to go shopping in Shinjuku! At first I will go to Bic Camera!! I am looking forward to it!!11/15 18:02I could get pedometer in Bic Camera. I control my weight to keep health condition!11/15 19:29Tomorrow I will go to Yokohama on business trip. I have some problems, my work, my health condition, my personal development, saving money..11/15 19:29In case of English, it is difficult to express what I want to say due to limited letter 140!11/15 19:29AP News - Formula One is back in the US, can it last? http://t.co/27wdQoVv11/15 19:50AP News - EPA doing flyover of Austin before F1 race http://t.co/O6DKPj7211/15 19:50>>もっと見る

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    • 11月14日に投稿したなう

      つばっちさんの投稿したなうToday I had long lo- ng meeting from 9:30 a.m to 6:00p.m. You know, I was so so tired!! ASAP I want to lie in my bed!!11/14 23:26But I had one good thing. The woman came to Japan to study our process. She is very beautiful, I have a lot of time to talk with her!11/14 23:26>>もっと見る

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