2005-04-27 09:21:15

Move out & Move in

テーマ:Live with new people
March 27. This is the day...
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2005-04-27 08:55:03

Why am I here??

I'm here for a working holiday. How come??
 Well, I'm 19 ( everyone is telling me I'm too young!) & I'm NOT a student. I started to learning English since Junior High School. I clearly rmember...my first score of test was 89! In my class, almost everyone got over 90 so I felt terrible. Fortunately I could keep over 80 for pretty long time!! I loved to go to abroad because it's comfortable & easy & fun to stay!! I sometimes hate Japanese way of communication. I always say how I feel or think but it's not always acceptable in Japan. My teacher told me once, I should control my emotion! What a hell is that?? Why?? I know it's important but not always! I have no idea when I lost my emotion. So rude!! I can live in Japan normally so no problem. When I away from Japan, I often find Japanese are having difficult time. Homesick ( I never feel homesick by the way), Have only Japanese friends ( Hello-o-o!? This is not Japan!), Don't use English ( I wanna ask them why they are here) or cannot try to use English 'cause they're too shy. I feel sad...because we're spending much much money to come & stay & study here!
I guess parents often supports Japanese ESP, students! I don't want to waste my money & time! When I was in Canada, I decided DO NOT WASTE MONEY & TIME so I tried to learn as much as possible. I didn't speak Japanese at all. I was trying to use English all the time &  it improved my English skills!! Now I'm in NZ for a working holiday. I work for my living ( I didn't ask money to parents so I earned money by myself & now again working here) because I didn't bring much.
My dream is to be a Japanese teacher so I'd love to work as volunteer in here NZ. I'm trying to be a Japanese tutor ( teaching Japanese to Kiwi). One of my dream was working abroad! I'm preparing for my future & figure out what I could be. Away from my family remind me how family is important & sweet. I missed English while I was in Japan ( after back from Canada) so I had to come here for English! Meeting new people is awesome & so much fun, too! Those are why I am here.
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2005-04-26 22:24:01

Cell phone / Mobile

テーマ:Enjoy NZ life!
I got a cell phone! I thought I don't need it but actually if I have one, it's useful(>w<) I didn't need one like the latest Camera & Video phone?? ( NZ phones still Sucks! Sorry but true...) I could buy one as a second hand, just only $60 NZ. I just need to make phone calls so this is good enough! My phone is small pretty size! This is prepay phone so I have to pay for it ( of course) but I've got it today so NOT ready...actually. I have to pay A.S.A.P! I worked today & missed bus again...so tired! I need to go to bed now so Good Night(>o<)

Oh I'm moving tomorrow...I'm not ready for this as well...
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2005-04-25 08:22:25

Hourse Ride!!

テーマ:Enjoy NZ life!
I couldn't up my blog yesterday because I was visiting FARM!! My host family"s relative have a farm. They own sheep (of course), cows, so many kinds of fruits & veges. I could try HOURSE RIDING!! It was my first time so I was a bit nervous but very excited, too. My hourse was female, named Annie! She was so lovely. I was very beginner but I had no problem!! On the hourse, it was such a good feeling & so much fun(>w<) I'd love to try it again! I had fun but I had strange experience as well...I was bitten by a hourse! I was on the Annie, we were walking well but other hourse was walking too close to us so Annie got angry. I lost control but I took it again. We tried to run away from other one but, that hourse tried to bite Annie. Annie didn't get hurt but I got hurt! How come?? Not so painful, fortunately(+u+)
Hourses hate others to walk with too close! When other hourse touch hourse's tail, probably that hourse is going to freak out! Be careful if you ride a hourse!!
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2005-04-22 21:08:59


テーマ:Live with new people
How do you get to city from your house?? By foot?? By car or bus, or train?? Bycircle?? I take bus & I enjoy to being on the bus. My house is pretty far from downtown so it takes about 40 min by bus. I always listen to music, enjoy views of ocean, beach, & park. In the evening, I can see lovely lights as well. Usually nothing really happen on the bus but sometimes I could have interesting experience on the bus. Meeting New People!!

The other day I took a bus as usual. Bus was full... I was sitting alone on backseat. Boys got on the bus. They took seats behind me. I was listening to music so I didn't care them much but more & more boys got on the bus!! They were all friends, 14 boys!! Please imagine...14 boys around you! I had to sit with them...I felt uncomfortable(+_+)

They were so loud, making bad jokes all the time. I couldn't continue to listen to music! One boy took my head phone.."what a hell is going on??'" I thought & found out who did it. He was sitting behind me, listening to my music with my head phone!!!!! I was scared at first but he was just a silly funny guy. Boys were members of sport team & on the way to practice game. We started to talk,and I noticed,,,something strange,,,well, it was strange because boys were taping us! They got cameras & videos! For what?? I'm not sure...

One boy was asking me many questions & others were taking videos! They were so funny & I loved their sense of humor so I joined them!! We made a bad joke video for their friend. His name is Taylor.
"Hi, remember me Taylor??" I said. ( Of course he doesn't know who I am! & We never had meet before or future as well!) I continued " Taylor I miss you!" this kind of bad jokes! Boys asked me question, but I couldn't catch it but I answered " Back seat!?" Boys told me I should say that but they were so bad as you know...they made up story about Taylor ( I don't know who's this!) & me. We NEVER had sex but they tricked me & made it! I didn't know about it & when I noticed,  it was too late...Sorry Taylor!
They were taping all so next day they showed that video to Taylor. Bad Suprise! Bad Jokes!! Funny("O")

We even took pictures together. They were high school students. I was glad to talk to them & had fun together. EVEN they were kidding me all the time & making very bad jokes! I was happy about my English as well. If I have no English skills, I guess I just scared & never try to communicate with them. I rarely have chances to talk with native speakers, especially young locals. ( This is common problem of Asian students or working holiday workers) I was lucky!! Boys were not scary bad boys ( but so silly & crazy!!). By chance, I could practice my English.

After all, some boys said me sorry & even thanked me! Suprise! We said good bye & waved again & again. I had pretty good time on the bus(>w<)

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2005-04-21 19:35:24

Place to stay

テーマ:Live with new people
Let me write about how did I find a place to stay.
I arrived here with my sister on March 25 without any agency ( I used once when I planned to go to Canada! They just cost tooooooo much...useless...) or even hotel reservations. I can understand English at least nothing so there was  no problem at all!
At Airport

Outside of every Airport, there're so many vehicles. (Like Airport bus or suttle buses,taxies and so on)
We got transport easily. At the airport, there're so many add about hotels, backpackers, hostels, and also
restaurants or tours. I guess there's FREE PHONE as well so you can call one which you'd like to stay & ask

them how much cost will be. We were 2 so I decided to stay at backpacker because

Hotel is usually much expensive than backpackers

We didn't need breakfast or fancy dinner
We only needed place to stay even its very simple
We could share twin room ( we were 2 so we didn't need to share room with strangers)

We stayed there for 5 days. During we were staying there, I was trying to find homestay on the internet.
I used homestay finder This is a site for people who's looking for host or guest.
It's absolutely FREE! You can put your ad & write about yourself in there.
(EX. I'm a Japanese girl. Looking for a family who have a cat / with meals / about $200 per week )
I could find homestay quite quickly, about 3 days. You can actually compare hosts as well.
I recommend you homestayfinder  if you're looking for homestay.

Find Flatmates

I've got a job so I need to move out homestay. I was looking for a flat & finally found one! How?? I visited Information Center which is for Japanese, owned by travel agency. You don't have to use agency butyou can use them in different ways! It's agent's office but we can go inside & check current info.
A lot of people are looking for flat but also many people are looking for flatmates. They need to rent rooms!I found good one so I got number (there's paper number on it), called her, checked room, decided to move in!!
Smooth & Simple! No fees at all.

 On the web : If you visit agency's homepage, you can see ads about flatmate wanted or room for rent.You'd better to find one after you arrive ( if you have time)  because you can find great deals & you can check room by yourself before move in to. It's also good idea to stay at homestay first, because you can ask for help.
It's difficult to get used to new place so you can stay homestay shortly & find flat. This is what I did.

Oh, when you job hunt you should use info-center & homepages as well. Move smart & Save money!
I love this way(>w<) I'm going to move in flat next week. It's time to say good bye again...so sad!!

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2005-04-20 21:24:08

Host Families in Victoria (Canada)

テーマ:Live with new people
I have 4 host families in Canada. I was studying at University of Victoria, English Language Course.

My homestay were always awesome! I could meet really nice people.

Family 1 :
Far from my school but they had 2 puppies, hot host sisters, funny dad, & mum! I talked to her everything.

 Sometimes we cried together & laughed a lot.

She was very good at cook so I really enjoyed to be in this family!

Host dad got a good job ( good money!) so they moved to Vancouver...I had to move out. We cried(>_<)

Family 2 :
I stayed with this family for 2 weeks! It was so short time but I gained 2 or 3 kg in this house...

I was eating so well...just because host mum were baker! She baked yummy breads!

Mum & daughter & cat & dog ( her name is Japanese NIKKOU = Sun Shine)

Family 3 & 4 :
It was very weird when I moved from first hostfamily. Family 3 was familier to my host sister's boyfriend.

I knew that family 3's house was across the street from his house! Family 4 was his house actually!

We were all conected. ( My first host mum knew Second host mum as well so...conected!)

Even it costs a lot, I prefer homestay than flat or share.

Being a member of family is difficult sometimes but if you're in right place, you'll find great fun & happiness.

 I'm enjoying homestay so far! ( I'm staying homestay in NZ as well)

I learnt so many things from each family(>w<)

We can learn not only English but also how to hug, culture differences something like these, & much more!!.
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2005-04-20 21:05:42


テーマ:Live with new people
My first homestay...I had this experience in Australia. My host family gave me a pretty room.

I couldn't speak English well so I had to use dictionary all the time.

Host mum, dad, brother, dogs, & 2 other students ( who from HongKong & Japan ). It was a whole new thing!

They had a pool in their big yard, table tennis table...I enjoyed homestay a lot!

One day I came home but nobody was home. I looked around the house & I found host mum!

She was in the pool & relaxed! I loved to that too. Their food were always yummy!

We had lots lots of fun! Oh well, I miss them now!!
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2005-04-19 19:26:42

My Work

テーマ:Working Holiday
April 19. Today I started my work in NZ. I'm a waitress at Japanese Restaurant from today!! Yeah!!

Waitress is actually CHEAP...but I need to work so it can be all right.
( Get free lunch & dinner! That's why I took this job actually)

We wear Kimono which I love as uniform, we speak Japanese of course, we serve ( & eat) Japanese food & Drink! I do like this job so I hope I can earn money in here. BUT I have some Questions...

Q1. Should I work here??
A. I have to, because I need to save money. Free lunch & dinner is BIG(>w<)

Q2. but can I have chances to speak English??
A. Yes, but not so much...there're Kiwi customers but also Japanese & all co-worker can speak Japanese...

Q3. Can I find another job??
A. Yes I can! I sent CVs & I got 3 job offers then I took this one. BUT still I can find better job like a tutor.

Q4. Do I need another job??
A. I do so I'll teach Japanese as a tutor. Get good money!

I hope I can do well on those jobs. I'll work at least 3 month here in Auckland(from now).
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2005-04-18 09:45:34

About Myself(>w<)

Hi, Nice to meet you! Where are you from?? I'm from Nagano.( BUT I was born in Kochi. I love Kochi!!)

I’m just a girl who loves cats, chocolates, sports, music, fashion, shopping of course, travel & English!

I’ve been to Guam, Australia, USA, Canada, and New Zealand. I’ve been studying English for about 7 years.

After I graduated from high school, I went to Canada for studying English. I took ESL course at University of Victoria for about 10 month. (Victoria is a beautiful city where located near Vancouver & Seattle.)

 I play basketball but I’m still short…only 154 cm…I wanted to be like 160cm at least!

 I’m in Auckland, New Zealand for a working holiday.
 I’m going to work at Japanese restaurant where I can wear Kimono. I love Kimono!!

 My dream is to be a Japanese teacher for foreigners. Or to be a good mum?? Or both!!

If you have any Questions about me, NZ, my stories or anything, please feel free to ask me.

I’d love to hear from you! I’ll try my best on this so if you noticed or felt something, please let me know.

Cheer me up please (>w<)
I’m a beginner so I’d love to visit your blog!

 Leave your comments & see you later! Thanks!!
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