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Hokuriku Bullet Train opened in Toyama Prefecture on March, 14. Here is some tourism for the Shin Takaoka Bullet Train Station. In Japanese it is called Shinkansen Shin-Takaoka Eki. Also tourism for the Jōhana Line Station located with the new station.  There is also a new Jōhana Line station at the bullet train station, it will take you in the Nanto direction. Ainokaze Toyama Railway Takaoka Station is the next station if riding towards Takaoka City, you can use other lines from there. From the fourth stop at the bus terminal, you go to the traditional village of Gokayama using "The World Heritage Bus". Under the bullet train station, there is a tourism office and souvenir shop that sells traditional crafts named the "Tourism Exchange Center".

When using the Jōhana Line to go in the Tonami direction, from the Shin-Takaoka Station you can go to a variety of attractions. When you arrive at the Tonami Station, go to the bus stop, and take the bus in the Ōmaki Onsen direction, you can go to Inami-Shōgawa direction. If you get off the bus at Zuisen-ji-mae stop you can go to Yōka-machi-Dōri to see the old town of Inami. There are a number of workshops that are making sculptures, also there are souvenir shops and eateries there, you can tour the places and watch craftsmen as they carve. Go to the end of the street, the Zuisen-ji has so many wooden sculptures decorated in the area. Get off at the Komaki Sekitei stop, it is the stop before Komaki Station.  When you get off at Komaki Sekitei stop, you can ride on ShōGawakyō Yūran-Sen. You can go to Omaki hot spring by this pleasure boat. Just for a cruise and immediately coming back to see the views of the Shogawa Gorges is also available. In summer it is alive in green, in autumn red leaves are abundant,  and in winter the snowy scenery is beautiful. Past articles of Shogawa Gorges are here.

In Tonami there are two big flower events. In May there is a festival called the "Tonami Tulip Fair", during this event a park is decorated with 2.5 million tulips in the "Tonami Tulip Park". In October there is an event for seeing cosmos flowers, at Yumeno Taira, where the ski area has been decorated with 1,000,000 cosmos flowers. It called Yumeno Taira Cosmos Watching. Both have free shuttle buses, for the events from Tonami Station. Please try to go if you are in Toyama during these events. Articles for these events were posted in the past, the links are available here.

When you get off at Jōhana Station, the end point of the line, ride the community bus (Inami Jōhana Line, Inami direction) and you can go to Kibori no Sato(Village of Wood working). You can experience amazing sculptures at thier finest. There are also souvenirs and a delicious restaurant among other things. In addition, there is an Inami Sculpture Hall(Inami Chōkoku Sōgō Kaikan). Here you can find a variety of exhibition and for sale wood carvings. Other than that, there is also a historical info corner for the sculptures of Inami Town. Past articles of Kibori no Sato and Inami Sculpture Hall:

There are other community buses as well (Jōhana Eastbound Line). When you get off at Jōhana Chōsha Jōhanaza-mae stop, up the street 200m in the Jōhana station direction when you arrive at the Jōhana building named, Jōhana Oriyakata and Jōhana Hikiyama Hall. You can enjoy weaving experience in Jōhana Oriyakata, while looking at the various weaving works, you can relax in the cafe. In Jōhana Hikiyama Hall you can see the Jōhana Town displays for it's famous Toyama Prefecture festival floats. The best time to see Jōhana is during the time of the Jōhana Hikiyama Festival, but if you want to just see the floats you can see them if you go to the Jōhana Hikiyama Hall. Since the time between buses is long, it is good to explore the surrounding area until the next bus arrives. Past articles about Jōhana:

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