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On March 14, the new Hokuriku Bullet Train will begin operation and the new Toyama Station will open. Information will be presented on how to reach popular tourist attractions from the new Toyama Station. This station is the center of public transportation in Toyama Prefecture. The newly constructed Toyama Station contains a variety of modes of transport. The Bullet Train station and Ainokaze Toyama Railway have come together. Also, running to the north and south of Toyama Station are the local trams. In addition, buses going to each side of Toyama are by the south exit in the bus terminal. The south entrance plaza is where the Toyama Chihou Railway station operates. There is also special lighting called “Floor Chandelier", it is a path traversing the north and south of Toyama Station. It has LED light from the ceiling is reflected off the glass-covered sections of the floor, it produces a variety of lighting patterns.

From Toyama Station you can head to a variety of tourist attractions. To go to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, please ride the train from Dentetsu-Toyama Station at the south entrance plaza. Take the train on the Tateyama Line, to go to Tateyama Station. In front of Tateyama Station, there is a ticket office for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. You can purchase tickets at each individual station on the alpine route, but it is recommended that you buy the tickets together for your end destination for that day at Tateyama Station beforehand for convenience. In the spring, Tateyama features "Yuki-no-Ōtani"( massive snow walls). In summer, world class mountain adventures. In autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. During the winter, the alpine route is closed due to so much snow. If you want to enjoy the Yukinootani and climbing some snow, please go to Murodō Station. It is close to the summit and has many hiking trails, it also serves as the entrance to the Yuki-no-Ōtani walk. To see enjoy the fall foliage, is it is recommended to go to the Midagahara and Kurobe Dam. It is a great place to see the mountains painted in a variety of amazing colors in the autumn. Those were some detailed directions. You can look at these articles to see the sights of Tateyama, and for further details about the destinations.

You can ride from Tateyama Station to Shōmyō Falls on Shōmyō-daki Tanshou Bus, you can see Japan's highest waterfall at Shōmyō Falls. During the summer, mist from the waterfall is cool and pleasant, around this area you can see wonderful forests alive in fresh green colors. Also, in the autumn leaves are so beautiful, you can enjoy both the beauty of autumn the Autumn scenery and one of Japan's most powerful waterfall. In rare cases, when there is a lot of snowmelt in the spring, another 500m waterfall is seen, you can see it falling alongside the Shōmyō Falls forming a double waterfall of great height.

During the winter, a bus goes from Tateyama Station to Tateyama's foothills for skiing (it named Tateyama Sanroku Ski-jo). Raicho Valley area and Gokurakuzaka area has ski resorts in the area. A gondola lift to go to the summit of the ski area is available in the Raicho Valley area. The Shōmyō Falls and Raicho Valley I have been visited past.

If you ride JR Takayama Main Line, it will take you in the Fuchū-Yatsuo direction. Get off at Hayahoshi Station and ride the community bus of Usaka-Asahi line(鵜坂・朝日線). From Chūou-Shokubutuen-Mae stop, you can go to the Central Botanical Garden. It is the largest botanical garden in Toyama Prefecture.

Go to Yatsuo for the famed Owara festival, get off at Etchū-Yatsuo Station. Owara Kaze-no-Bon is for 3 days every year from September 1 to September 3, this festival showcases a dance tradition of Yatsuo, and is a premier event for the Toyama Prefecture with more than 200,000 spectators coming annually. Also in February there is an event called "Ecchū Yatsuo Winter Romance", you can show off traditional dance on stage and there is a guided tour. Check out these articles for information about these attractions in the Fuchū direction here.

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