Reject amendment 4 tcpalm Reject amendment 4 tcpalm Modification 4, which will be on the 2010 general election ballot, proposes to amend florida's constitution to require a voter referendum on every city and county full plan amendment.Each st.Petersburg area has tried this and thought it was a miserable failure. Despite the time and money of numerous elections, lawsuits have resulted costing the cities and delaying fascinating growth.Businesses impacted by this law can't grow, or expand and are now avoiding the area by transferring elsewhere. Determine, why would a law that has been such a miserable failure be proposed as a constitutional amendment through out florida?The simple answer is.Special interests are folks who would benefit and want this measure.Most cities throughout florida already require some kind of citizen involvement process in their land development codes. We don't need a constitutional amendment that will prolong the recession by making it impossible for online businesses to come to florida and bring jobs with them.That is just what went down in the st.Petersburg area and it will happen to all of those other state if this amendment passes. Amendment 4 will delay all changes to a city's comprehensive plan irrespective of the reason or urgency, cost cities untold expense to hold referenda for descriptive plan changes, result in numerous lawsuits filed by special interests that do not agree with success of the referenda, keep new businesses from relocating to or within florida. The amendment would bring about even more lost revenue from property values, thereby helping the cost of government to the average taxpayer and result in even more lost jobs in a state with already massive unemployment.Vote no on change 4. "The certainty concerning growth and st.Pete bch" "Politifact said Cheap Pandora Charms the opposition's states about st.Pete swimming pool are"Half facts"And believed "Voters needs to be wary in blindly believing that st.Pete beach's events would be duplicated statewide should amendment 4 pass, and in case you're home alarm security systems info from one video you saw:Or else, change 4 would protect property values.Every time higher density housing is done on property not zoned for higher density, and every time commercial or industrial rentals are created where it wasn't before dilutes the value of those holding property with that designation. Imagine if you paid three times for a piece of commercial land and paid three times the taxes as somebody who bought agricultural land only to turn around and have it worth less because the ag land owner was able to get the same zoning as you and then sell it cheaper because he didn't have the same investment into it as you. It is always great to read opinions from those who an opinion but have no clue what the real process of the issue they are writing about really is.She ought to not have signed with ann thomas, as the so called"Things"In her letter really might possibly ryan houck's propaganda, the paid end of the special interest group fighting amendment 4.Oh yea, she forgot to bring up in the end: "The sky rrs going to be falling[for creative designers] if change 4 passes, be the second time you mentioned people aren't educated enough to vote.If the elected officials who are doing the voting now are so smart, how in the united states did we get in such a mess? The people can't do any worse than what staff carefully plotted out and designed with the comprehensive plans to protect us from water shortages, already stuffed roads, and graduating high school classes, amongst other things.If the elected officials who are doing the voting now are so sensible, how around did we get in such a mess? The people can't do any worse than what technicians carefully plotted out and designed with the comprehensive plans to protect us from water shortages, overloaded roads, and faculties, amongst other things.But as result from, the elected officials were certainly able to do worse and continues unless we get to have the final say by passing amendment 4. We got in such a mess for a lot of reasons.One reason we let the powerbrokers from the parties and their special interest groups team up and choose our agendas for us.Uneducated voters get out and vote for the tom goodsons of the planet because he is a familiar name, is bestowed upon their hunting club, truly a freemason, or whatever great reason they feel he has to be voting on complex legislature that on his best day he only has a vague familiarity with. Amendment 4 may happy in spirit, but it will be a catastophe in execution and in financial terms.It'll cost you us millions more to vote as a state.How associated with people want to vote for 200 250 things on a ballot?How many people will just start filling stuff in they have no knowledge of? Have you seen a sample of what the ballot would seem as if if this thing passes? Professionals have plotted out all of them projects?Do not get me started.How many county commissioners and city councilmen make decisions that are out of their field of every week?How long have citrus special interests control vero beach's politics? Florida's national nation-Wide state policies are messy for many reasons.One big one being that this state is chopped up into some completely different areas with varies greatly demographics.We have a ton of people from the northeast and midwest here who have different values and interests than additional, and the native human inhabitants.We have a large immigrant population from the carribian and south usa who have their own interests. How do you please the populations at once?Anyway, you never. But do i think the typical population needs to be voting about complex topics like Pandora Australia: property law?Are you kiddingthe around me?

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