You cannot explain "confectionery world" in Japan without referring to this patisserie, "Au Bon Vieux Temps".

This is one of the most famous and popular French confectionery stores in Japan among not only consumers but also those who want to be pastry chefs. There are always a crowd of customers seeking authentic French confectionery and also a lot of young staff working hard in the store.

Although cookies are popular as a gift, you cannot miss tarte Tatin when you visit there in autumn and winter. You can enjoy apple's sourness and modest sweetness with a slight bitter taste of carameliser.


box of a whole cake


paper bag


タルトタタン tarte Tatin

Au Bon Vieux Temps
Open 9:00-18:30 (except Tue & Wed)
TEL 03-3703-8428
Postal code 158-0082 
2-1-14 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
(3-min walk from Oyamadai Sta., located 2 stops away from Jiyugaoka Sta. by Oimachi Line)

IWAEN is famous for its "tantan-men(担担麺)", szechuan style sesame paste & chili oil noodles with ground pork.


Other than tantan-men, you can enjoy decent chinese cuisine at reasonable prices.

Lunch: approx. 1000 Yen
Dinner: approx. 3000 Yen
Creditcards available

Iwaen (Kasumigaseki branch)
頤和園 (霞が関店)
postal code 100-0013
Tokyo Club Bldg 3rd floor
3-2-6 Kasumigaseki, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3501-3222
FAX 03-3501-3221

Lunch Time
Sat, Sun, Holidays

Dinner Time
Sat, Sun, Holidays