☆10/28 ~ tokyoDOLORES Italy Tour

☆tokyoDOLORES Italy Tour

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10/29 18:15 Pole Dancing spot live: tokyo Dolores
10/29 21:30 Teatro Comics: Fate: Harajuku Girls - Spettacolo a cura delle Tokyo Dolores (presso l'Auditorium San Girolamo)

Schedule URL: http://lucca2011.luccacomicsandgames.com/index.php?id...

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DOLORES successfully completed their NY tour in 2010.
This year, DOLORES brings that excitement to Lucca in Italy! Two main performances have been scheduled at this, Europe's largest Japanese festival event, boasting some 140,000 visitors every year. An evening collaborative show of European and Japanese pop culture, plus (with exclusive use of the church) an hour-long night showcase revealing girls' spirituality in Tokyo! This could be DOLORES' best event yet. Do not miss it!


tokyoDOLORES independent performance: "Akazukin/

tokyoDOLORES independent performance: "Akazukin/Little Red Riding Hood"

tokyoDOLORES reimagines the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" into the collective's own world of aerial dance, video and more.
Like immersing in the darkness of fairy tales, it will transport you deep into a dream world.
Performance date 12/10 (pre-party on 12/9), other details will be announced in mid-October