Merit to keep a diet diary


There are a lot of people to keep a diary for the purpose of the diet every day.

I record what kind of activity you carried out every day what you ate, is a diet diary a thing recording what kind of thing today? There are the people who cannot diet by overdoing of knob eating, overeating of snacks.

I can prevent the custom that does eating while appearing somehow by being aware of what you ate.

I understand that I take in an extra calorie including can juice and a canned coffee, rain and gum and the chocolate.

I know that I take it in more than expected by recording the thing which I ate in detail even if I think that I do not eat an everyday meal that much.

There is the effect that an appetite is held down to by leaving it in a diary what you ate.

I understand the check of dietary habits by a diary, too.

It becomes clear at a glance whether there are not too many intakes of oils and fats and the sugar whether vegetables and the fruit are enough.

I can confirm whether you move a body by keeping a diary.

I may understand thing that I do not move using the foot and that I live a life not to use the muscle with a diary.

It is one of the merits that I can grasp the physical disorder such as sleep shortage or the constipation.

Because it is a chance to push forward healthy diet, it is a recommended dieting method to continue a diet diary.