総合格闘家のTateki "tech" Matsudaです。


Jongsanan Woodenman came to Sityodtong to share his technique and knowledge with us. I remember that fairtex and Sityodtong are not good in relationship when I was in Thailand. So, with that said, I have no idea why this happened, but there was no politics. All I experienced was getting back to my roots.

Kru Jongsanan is very humble person and a nice coach. I really like him saying that he respects all legendary fighters he has fought, including Sityodtong. 

He had a little talk with us about his fighting career and childhood, and I re-realized that Muay Thai is poor sport in Thailand. That's what I saw and experienced when I made my trip there. As time goes on, I forget a little by little of my experience there. Kru Jongsanan fought for his life. I started Muay Thai because it was fun and gave me an opportunity to grow as a man. I know there is a huge difference, but I just appreciate for this opportunity and my environment where I dedicate myself into this sport.






Thanks Kru for the opportunity to get back to my root. I'll show who I am and nak Moy ( fighter in Thai ) Tateki in the cage.

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I am very honor to introduce that I am Regional Fight Sports #1 Ranked Flyweight New England MMA Fighter for our July 2016 rankings! Check out this small write up> http://regionalfightsports.wix.com/scholarship#!Tateki-Tech-Matsuda/c1gwq/578ad48c0cf23020133f7705

Guess what? I need to fly out to get more wins. Stay tuned, a big announcement coming soon.


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I love to be in nature. I feel connected to the earth and slow down my mind. Walking barefoot in leaves, making fire and chilling out are best way to get rid of all stress I have. 

Read books, did yoga, took nap and...I forget.




Miso soup madness!! Look how much I put root vegetable in the big pod.



"Tonjiru" pork based miso soup in the dark! Can't see well, so feel more flavor and taste. 



Thanks Mother Nature. Love the smell of nature. Really enjoyed clean air and greens in the mountain.



I brought Rio here in nature. She has never landed on the soil and I really feel guilty for the fact. However, I tried to get her out the cage, I couldn't do that because she might get panicked, fly away, and not be able to find me outside. Sorry Rio, but hope you enjoyed this trip with me.



Cheat meal? Whatever you say, I don't care. Just loved beautiful pasture raised egg and pork from local. 



My gluten free pancake made my day! Cheat meal, paleo meal, caveman meal, you name it. Camping is the best way to get out from everyday. Thanks Mother Nature. I am filled with gratitude.

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Beast mode!! Next 5weeks are going to be crazy! I'm very excited for transformation. I'll make it and can't wait to see new Tateki next month.



Power work is getting done. Now my forcus is skill of strength. This sounds exactly where I train.



Hands are getting strong, but I am not supposed to have blisters because kettlebells don't hurt you if doing right. Anyway, ill be ready for next month! 

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My little one dives into my bed and find a spot she can fit in. She loses a lot of hairs and her eyebrows look like penciled. 

She worked me up in the morning, so I open a bird cage and come back to the bed, so does she. We fall asleep again.




She never walks on the soil in nature. I want her to be connected to the nature and earth. Although I saved her life a year ago, might taken her away from nature. Hope she loves to live her life with me.

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