Akiko Suzuki was 2nd and Daisuke Takahashi 3rd at the Skate Canada 2011.

Welcome back Suzuki.泣き1
She seemed to enjoy skating and expressing the music on the ice as she used to.

I totally agreed with the two comments from the commentator in the clip.


FS-"Die Fledermaus (2011-2012 season)"

"When she is on, she is one of my favorite skaters. She's sweet by nature. And this choice of music suits her to a T."

"The audiences so appreciate of her effort. When the skaters feel the music, so too does the audience. She invited them right there onto the ice with her."

Camerlengo is obviously good at understanding skaters.Skype

Interview with Pasquale Camerlengo

-...I want to find out about your choreography and the fact that you are one of the busiest choreographers now on the skating stage choreographing for people like Daisuke Takahashi as well as Kaitlyn and Andrew and many more. I want to know from you. Tell me about the challenges of choreographing under the new judging system.

"It's very challenging. Of course, we are limited by the number of elements. It seems like, especially spins and stuff like this, that takes a lot of time. We need to find a right way to build a program. Everyone has his own needs; timing for jumps, timing for transitions. We need to adapt a lot ourselves to create something in order to make the skater comfortable on executing the right elements. We need to also consider requirement of the transitions and the steps because the technical level is judged by what the skater is able to do. We are always trying to create something that expresses the potential of the skater 100 percent. We can not go less than that."

-Lots of fans ask me to ask the choreographers what is more difficult, choreographing for singles, for ice dancers, or pairs, or the process is that same.

"It's very different thing. It depends on the team. Sometimes the teams have a chemistry and knowledge about how I can just drive them in a direction, and are able to create something. I just have to tell them I like it or it can be better. The dance normally requires more choreography, of course, because it is two persons and because all the transitions are done by two people. They are skating so close to each other. And I need to create something out of it. We are a way more free with the free style. They are alone. All the movements we create we don't consider the effect that has to be done according with the other. A person is on your side. We feel more free with the free style and actually sometimes they have to spend a lot of time on the elements like the spins, for example, it seems like longer and longer. So it gives less time to re-do the choreography on the programs. You know so much different, different two things. We can not really compare. For Free style, probably it's the first step and the most important thing is to find a right concept of the program. Because, in the end, it makes one program successful rather than another."
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