Watching an interview with Patrick Chan, I'm also interested in how Johnny Weir's performance would change.

Even though Weir said he wanted to compete, I never thought he would return to competition. Because it seemed that he was looking for a new career.

It might be a tough road.

-Beginning of the season, besides the competitions, you said you want to beat this year's World champion. That's you. We are heading to the Four Continents and the Worlds. I want to throw a couple of names I want to know how you feel about them as your competitors. You are getting Plushenko.

Very excited to see him compete. I hope he can be in Sochi. Maybe this year's Worlds or next year's Worlds will be very exciting. I've looked up to him for a long time. It would be honored for me to compete against him.

-What about Johnny Weir. He's returning to competition. How do you feel about that?

Maybe he's a changed man after getting married. Maybe he has got a new motivation, new pressure for skating. It will be interesting. It will be good to see how, what he would do differently, what judges would think about him

-How about Fernandez? New man in black.

We always knew new guys. It's great to have your own board. He is great, such a great entertaining, lighthearted. I love those types of guys with very lighthearted. I love what they do.

EX - "Feeling Good"(2007-2008 season)

I wonder what kind of motivation he would have.スケート靴

"I've been knocked down a lot."
"I thrive on coming back and making people eat their words and proving they are wrong."
"She pushes me everyday to be better and better and to prove myself to be strong and believing what I can do."
"I'm so happy it's paying off."
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