Grab candy

Grab candy

Listen to the flowers dancing in the curtain, see the red leaves and don't knock the window. Fall girl shy to face, with a quarter cycle time, changing seasons, I smell the autumn taste depending on the light, there is a home atmosphere. I have the dream of youth cover for galaxy s3, boundless ground walking in the empty city, be prosperous years accidentally took the face. Suddenly look back to when the road, the past footprint was time severely sanding, looked strange and distant. I vaguely remember the hometown of autumn, the withered leaves still in the wind swaying, but hard disposable. The path leaves covered with childhood memories, the four landing at dusk at twilight, dandelion wind from the air, one point one lonely white. Old yeller in the doorway, leisurely look, as if thinking of sth., as if in memory of the flowers catch butterflies scenarios, vertical bed listening to the summer cicadas sing moments in the shade of the willow. Golden wave of paddy fields, the bending fruit, look at the joy of harvest, smiled to the farmer uncle honest face. The little sister with a bag on her back from the dream to a Jerusalem school, under the laughter cloud computing companies, fall in the sunset, heart such as the sunset as brilliant.

All said the merciless years, I was interested to years, shear time on the world of mortals, folded in half que residual word, send the old time. The memory of the debris, carved into the years put bookmarks, slowly getting old in the barren city.

Life is a dream, youth passes as a fleeting wave., that time and tide wait for no man, the road, met the man, saw on the way scenery, as the years go on, it is a thing of the past, all become unreal. Do not want to recall the past, not to remember the old man, I am the sigh or gently pick?

Idle dream window to flower, fine cooking a pot of Qing Ming, I am immersed in the Tang Dynasty relics in rain, wigs long hair rain had. Tea for a long time, will gradually create a lot of exclamation, a cup of tea, a period of life, the aftertaste. Quietly in the early autumn night, similar to the infinite time, gently and lonely infection.
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