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This site also accommodates requests made in English.


As of february 2018
Production requests are being accepted! We are waiting for your requests!

The production environment is Windows 10 64 bit AfterEffects (CS 6 is the main software)

The list of videos that can be created are as follows:
● Game PV
● Artist MV
● Product introduction video
● Company VP
● Live background video
● Publicity video
● Stage image
● Stage footage
● Countdown picture
● Outdoor Music Festival
● Dance event Video
● Live image
● Movie Opening Cut (1-5 seconds)
● DVD production
● Music Video

Payment is required up front.

Things that cannot be undertaken are as follows:
Movies with music unapproved by the composer.

We eagerly await your requests submitted through the mail form!

◆ Example request:

Contact will begin through the mail form. If you are not familiar with such interactions, please refer to the example below.
The following is an example of an e-mail received from someone who has contacted me for the first time:

Nice to meet you. My name is ○ × □ □.
I wanted to request ◎ ○ ○ ○.
I would like to discuss the details of my request and consult with you for future arrangements.
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Thank you,

After that, I will have various questions for you.
It will be helpful if you tell me the request in detail in the initial email.
I think that it is too hard to write a lot, so please do not work too hard at this point. It is okay just to understand the situation that you are considering requesting!
If your e-mail is long, I will look forward to reading it!

We appreciate your consideration.

Payment methods:
-Bank transfer
-Credit card (VISA, JCB, Master Card, etc.)

◆ Once the production request is approved to begin work, please provide the following: ↓
· Text file describing the title, name and lyrics of the people involved in the movie (txt recommended, pdf or docx is NOT recommended)
· If the lyrics are wrong, or the name is incorrect, etc. after the start of production, please be sure to give us the correct information as soon as possible
· Gigafile flights Recommended
(If you don’t have the above items in your initial e-mail request, this is fine.)

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