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Chronograph watches are extremely stylish and they have a touch of luxury and sophistication. You may always want to own one. But the major problem is how and from where? "How" has a simple answer and it simply is that you will have to have the money to buy it. This is said because, these chronograph watches can be extremely pricey and you may not have the money to afford it. You can always save penny by penny and accumulate the fund though! The other option can be to get a replica. The question that comes next is where to buy it from? Shall you make an online move or shall you visit a brick and mortar shop?
Ok, there are fake or replica chronograph watches - this is true. You can get one at a cheap price and you can be sure of the fact that no one ever will know whether it is a replica or an original one. Should you go for that? Let us find out!

*Every time someone walks up to you and complements the watch that you are wearing, what answer will you give to your concise? After all, you will know that the watch is fake and this will mean that you will have to fight your inner self every time you receive a word or two of praise.

*What if someone somehow comes to know that your watch is not a real one? What impression will he or she have on you?

*You can always pass on your genuine watch to your son. Can you do that with your fake one? What will your son say to you? Will you have answer to his questions?

*The fake ones will not last for a long time period. They will last for around half a year or may be a little more. Can you walk up to the manufacturer (whose brand logo will appear on you fake watch) to get it repaired? Nope! You can't.

*Finally, it is unlawful to buy fake or replica watches because the makers of these replica watches actually make use of a brand logo without the permission of the brand and this means a serious breach of law.

So, do not get a fake one! Get a real one. Genuine chronograph wates are no doubt big investment but if you get them, they only appreciate in value (especially the Swiss one). So, where to buy the original ones from? Let us take a look at the same.

Online platform:
There are some very trusted online watch sellers and hence, it is essential that you find out the trusted sellers and buy the watch from them. Find out whether the watch seller has at least 5 years of online existence or not. If yes, you can trust the seller. For being even more sure, you must check whether their address and phone numbers are published online or not. If yes, you can trust the seller. Online sellers will actually be able to sell the genuine watches at lower prices because of the fact that their overhead cost will be low.

In-store shopping:
This no doubt is the safest call. Select a store which is pretty old in business and you can actually go ahead and try out different chronograph watches to find out what it will look like on your wrist and how good you will look with the watch on your wrist. You can also check the precision of the watches and look for any other flaw. If you have any queries about the watch, you can ask the sales person and you can immediately get your answer.

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