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Minute repeater, the same with Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, is one sophisticated function of mechanical watch. To put it simply, minute repeater watch can inform the time having a button or perhaps a pulling hand lying in one side with the shell, once you press it, it is possible to hear the time-telling sound like "ding ding dong dong?br />
Minute repeater - The melody of time

This type of function may be incredibly widespread for electronic watch, you press the button, then a girl voice tells the time. But inute repeater?is amongst the biggest challenges inside the workmanship of mechanical watch: add the time-telling spring within the restricted space, in some cases for the excellent melody, 3 or far more sets of springs need to be added, plenty of spare parts are as thin as hair. For well-known watch brand producers, it appears that they make the minute repeater not to earn the money, but to show their superb methods, lifting their reputations and international statuses.

Low quantity, higher price, minute repeater just will be the highbrow music, only folks truly fully grasp and really like it might folks really delight in it. Needless to say, you should be backed up by strong financial power. Consequently, if someone shares the amazing and magic sound with you, just spare no word to show your appreciation and fondness.

What's minute repeater?

This really is genuinely a strange name, but whenever you believe on the time-telling function, it will likely be simple to understand.

Repeater, namely the repeating watch, can inform the time by pressing the button or pulling hand on the shell to start a series of sound settings.

Minute repeater, which can tell the hour, quarter and minute with diverse sounds, is the fantastic combined production of acoustics and dynamics.

Time telling strategy: pull the hand of minute repeater; it'll sound sweet melody without having cease. Low tone tells the hour, for instance: ang,dang,dang,?three sounds mean three olock. Then the quarter, usually higher tone and low tone are mixed to inform, for instance: ingdang, dingdang? which means two quarters. And after that the higher tone tells the minute, one example is: ing, ding, ding, ding, ding,?five sound imply five minutes, so the time now is 3 thirty five.

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