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A British girl's journey into Gyaru.

Those of you who were following my blogger blog will know that I was using the Shopping Mall Japan shopping service to bid on items from Rakuten and Yahoo auctions. I finally paid and requested shipping for my items and they arrived a few days later にこっ! I was very pleased with their service and their communication was fantastic. They recieved my payment and shipped with EMS very quickly. I'll give them 4 キラキラ@kazunaris for my rating. The 5th knocked off due to the fact they dont deal with Mbok.

Anyway, onto the pretty stuff:

$Strawberry Cupcakes
MA*RS Jumper

$Strawberry Cupcakes
MA*RS Dress

$Strawberry Cupcakes
Real MA*RS Top

$Strawberry Cupcakes
Tralala skirt.

I also got a few things from Ebay

$Strawberry Cupcakes
Silver chain belt.

$Strawberry Cupcakes
And my Cellulite roller finally arrived! I've been using it twice a day on my legs, bum and arms. It seems to be working but I dont know if that's just wishful thinking or what. Either way I like it Wハート.

Lastly I have an outfit update and a little personal thing to share with you.

$Strawberry Cupcakes
This was just an outfit for going out in the city with a friend.

As for the personal update; I'm down to 63.4kg きらきら! 1.6kg lost so far. I know it's not amazing but I'm pleased since I haven't lost weight like this in so long, I just seem to have been gaining. Fingers crossed it carries on キャ.

I've also dyed my roots again and managed to pick some some silverising shampoo.My hair is pretty much the colour I want now. Just a little more silver and I'm done. YAY キティ2!
I'll maybe update later or tomorrow with pics and such but I have my boyfriend'scousin's birthday bbq to attend and I might be too busy getting ready to update.I've roped myself in to doing my friend's hair and makeup too ああっ.
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