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宜しくお願いします!! (来週号www)

Hello !! This is Thomas from stars Japan !

Time for writing our stars blog as I do every Saturday.

(As I have to do lol)

I usually write something about what we are working on

or some kind of story lol. (in Japanese)

But I decided to post something in English for once in a while !!

Just didn't have much of a story to write about really (^_^;)

And this post will be about 2016 Osaka Auto Messe car show !!

Which I already wrote about in Japanese 2weeks ago. lol


We had been getting ready for this show

since last year until the day before.

And then Boom !! three days, all finished. lol

This was our booth !! ↓↓

(w176 A-class w205 C-class c117 CLA)

Quite good isn't it !?!?

First day, I was doing my busy talking with the visiters

who came over to have a look at our booth.

The show started at nine, and I guess around eleven was it .


Thomas !! Thomas !!


Someone calling me?

I turned around,


A white man with sunglasses on.

Who is he !?


Oh !! It's Matthew !!

The general manager of HG motor sports !!

He showed me around their massive shop when I visited HG motor sports in US last year !!

Me "What are doing here !?"

Mr.M "surprise !! "

It was a surprise !! lol

He saw us getting ready for the show on Facebook

and decided to jump on the plane. lol

Didn't even have any hotel booked. lol

But it was a great surprise !!

Anyone coming over to visit us in Osaka,


We can go pick you up at the airport and book a hotel. lol (^_^)b

A Few hours after that Marco and Brian arrived too!!

Marco is CEO of "Silk Monde" which is importing our s.d.f body kits

and HG motor sports performance products to Hong Kong.

Brian is his friend , which of course is our good friend too. (^_^)v

The man with the hat on is Brian and blue shirt is Marco.

After the first day we went to have dinner together.

Crab !

I'm used to this,

but I could hear three languages used at this dinner

(Chinese English Japanese)

Second day

Mr.O came to help us since we were so busy.

Only Mercedes Interviewed us.

And interviewed Matthew and Marco.

For the magazine "Only Mercedes"

Also came on the official "Auto Messe Web"too !!

Pls have a look !!

But it's all in Japanese, sorry. lol

We were too busy, I didn't have any time to check out

the other booths or go say hello to the people I know,

but it's good that we were that busy !!

By the way it was my birthday that day. lol

Happy 21 !! lol

Okay, now the last day.

It was the last day, and it was Sunday.

Obviously it was packed out !!

And I talked with a lot of people.

(not just this day, though)

Some people told me they came from far away and they are reading our blog,

some bought our s.d.f body kits,

and a lot of people said that our cars look great !!!

Thank you aaaaaaall !!! (^-^)/

Every thing went great, with a lot of help from everyone !!

And I had a great experience and a great time !!

Okay so that was about 2016 Osaka Auto Messe !!

Too short ? never mind ! lol

After the show we spent two days

with Mr.M and Mr.M !! lol

And had a great time !!!

Well I did ! lol

And that's all for this blog !

Thank you for reading !!!

P.S. I tried my best but there might be some wrong spellings

or wrong sentences(maybe strange)

Let me off with that, it's not really my first language...

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