NHK World, especially J-MELO was a main factor that made SHOUJO SPIN what it is now. From the beginning we were encouraged by J-MELO. If we didn't appear on J-MELO, we probably couldn't continue doing SHOUJO SPIN. 💖 💖 💖

Seeing that we were mentioned by dear SCANDAL members and that we could be a part of the 500th episode is a great honour and happiness. Also めっちゃなつかしいです・Because it was a clip from long ago, a video that we sent to J-MELO for the first time.


Now I'll explain some inside issues publicly for the first and the last time.

After I (Sumechan) moved to Ankara, I gained many friends, especially friends that had the same interest as me which was Japanese culture. At a small cosplay convention, we, 4 girls, decided to cosplay as SCANDAL members and we even practised their song, Shoujo S; we all love the band and that song. We did the cosplay, we sang Shoujo S on karaoke, it was all fun. After that event, we started to talk about Japanese music more, we wished there was a Japanese karaoke event or a song contest. Later we learnt that there was a song contest we could attend without going to Japan. One night Ilgın created the name SHOUJO SPIN. Shoujo S was the first song that we sang together, we were all girls, our initials were "S", "P", "I", "N", and we all belonged to Spice (Girls) generation. Another friend joined the group, we practised little and recorded a video and sent it to NHK World. We weren't much aware but the "another friend" and "friend P" weren't actually thinking us as a real band, they had more experience on music, they had other bands, real bands, and they could play guitar. As "S", "I", "N" we listened them a lot, we gave the control of the band to "P". However it didn't work well after that. When "S", "I", "N" wanted to continue it, there weren't too much interested but they did it anyway. When J-MELO planned to do a Turkey special episode, we had to practise more and be ready for the event. Around that time, as the other girls, we noticed that "the more talented members" had other things to do, and basically they didn't have to practise as much as we had to do. They showed some irresponsible behaviour, we also thought that they don't think us as a real group. We all got angry, as a direct and protective person, I reacted the most and I said what everyone was thinking, it's my nature. "The more talented" members thought that "S" brainwashed other members into thinking bad things about them, that's why "I" and "N" reacted too. We separated our way, and I was actually leaving the group but "the more talented" members thought I kicked them out, they talked to "I" and "N" like "we can't work with S" etc... "I" and "N" said "ok, then don't". Since 3 of us made more effort and we felt bad because "the more talented" members neglected the group, So we stayed together and we thought we made a promise to J-MELO and we continued practising, we even found new members in order to be a real band. Later we all got soft, ex-members talked to other girls about showing up during the recording, though they didn't attend the first meeting with the producer-san. We all agreed however it wasn't our choice to make. Later we learnt that ex-members were planning to show up with the band of one. They basically tried to suppress us with the help of a common friend that talked to "N" in a forcing manner later. When we got angry, ex-members thought that they deserved to be there, and "I" told them even communicating is an effort and they didn't make any effort. Then they tried to contact the coordinator lady saying that they were the members but their real band is another one and they wanted to appear on the show. The lady contacted me and said "we want to see SHOUJO SPIN, we don't want to meet any other band, we may cancel it". I briefly explained things to lady, ex-members almost caused us to lose that opportunity. After getting out of their control, we gained more self-confidence, after the shooting with J-MELO, thanks to producer-san, we even gained more courage. We decided that we wanted to continue SHOUJO SPIN, whatever people do or say.

After the event, again 3 girls continued singing in Japanese. Later, in the middle of a project (Wonder Woman), "N" wanted to focus on her studies, we peacefully agreed. We didn't have much time, so I forced a friend of mine to sing with us. Then, "N" wanted to return to the group, she probably thought we cut the contact totally, we actually didn't. When she noticed that we gave her part to my friend, she got upset but didn't say anything, she didn't attend the practice. So much later she told us how she felt. We made peace but later we had other issues, some of them were personal.

We realized that we need members that can play instruments, we contacted a friend which helped us during J-MELO adventure. We gathered people. One thing is for sure, working with a crowd is really hard. People have different schedules, with some of them we had issues, some of them weren't made for being in a band... All in all our line-up changed a lot and here we are. As "I" and "S", decided to play instruments ourself after meeting SCANDAL members. They gave us lots of courage. We discovered that if we work hard we can achieve anything. We got nothing to lose, we may gain more self-confidence.

Though we are in different cities now, we can actually meet when we have to do something together. It's hard but we got each other to trust and we know how we can work with each other. Our friendship grew a lot due to our mutual experiences and the things we've been through together.

Level Up Day!!

After meeting SCANDAL, the vocals of SHOUJO SPIN decided to learn how to play instruments.
Uruchan and Sumechan had their first practice with instruments on the 22nd of July 2016!!

It's hard to work with a crowded number of people as a band; everyone has different schedules, there are people who want to focus on their studies, there are people who move away, there are people that the rest of the band can't be on the same page, and finding new members is really really hard. So, with this decision a huge weight will lifted off our shoulders.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us!! \(≧▽≦)/

P.S. We also recorded a video message to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SCANDAL. ❤ ​❤ ​❤