Shinjuku South Exit


Many tourists are overwhelmed when they first arrive at
Shinjuku station
And it's no surprise that they are, considering that there are no less than eight exits!

In no particular order, we have
1) South Exit
2) South East Exit
3) New South Exit
4) Southern Terrace Exit
5) East Exit
6) Central East Exit
7) West Exit
8) Central West Exit

So how does one manage to navigate this expanse of winding corridors and bustling passengers without getting lost?
Well, this is where we come in. Starting from the South exit, we'll be publishing numerous posts that introduce each and every one to you!
Navigating Shinjuku station will never be hard again!

The South Exit or 南口 is one of the main exits in Shinjuku station, and is located above the train platform.
There are many department stores where you can go shopping,
such as Lumine2 and MYLORD

Hungry? Not a problem! These massive department stores have a variety of eateries that will help you forget the pangs of hunger. 

Like other exits in Shinjuku, the South Exit is beautifully illuminated during winter.

If you're feeling particularly tired or cold, there's a nice little branch of Starbucks tucked just around the corner. 

Painted in earthern colors, this tiny coffee house is the very picture of cosy comfort, especially in the blistering cold of winter.
It's no wonder that the place is jam packed with Tokyoites and tourists during the cold season, keeping themselves toasty with a fresh cup of joe. 

Upon stepping out of the South Exit, you might be surprised when greeted by the grandeur of NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building. Towering over the district at 240 meters, a 15 meter diameter clock was installed in the November of 2002 to commemorate NTT Docomo's 10th anniversary, turning this skyscraper into the 2nd tallest clock tower in the world.
The building houses a few offices, but is used primarily to store technical equipment for the company. Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed into the building, nor does it have any tourist attractions inside. It is simply a majestic addition to the Shinjuku skyline. 

PS: Interestingly enough, the top of the building has colored lights installed that forecast the weather.
If they are orange, you might very well need to bring an umbrella, while white means that one should not be needed.

Stay tuned for updates on other exits of Shinjuku!