2012-07-10 17:06:24

...My arm update!!!!...


...Hello Everybody...パー

My Broken arm is feeling much better nowにひひ

After i got my cast off it was very sore and stiff,but now feeling is geeting much better and not so sore!!!

Im so haappy as my wrist was very sore!!
My arm was broken very close too my wrist so thats why my wrist was so stiff and sore...叫び

Now i am doing rehab,every day training and trying to build up strength again in my feft arm and wrist...グーHard trainging dassay!!!!


Soon i will be able to start snowboarding again i hope!!!!スキーニコニコ

Just have to be patient at the moment and train hard to get strength back to normal

....And in maybe 1 or 2 weeks time i will start shreddding again!!!

Cant wait...べーっだ!