2012-04-28 06:00:04

...Back home in New Zealand...

...Hello Everybody...パー

I arrived back home in New Zealand from Japan about 10 days ago..

Its been really hard to adjust to N.z life since arriving home,working every day and really busy!!!!にひひ

But im always happy to be back home-I love New Zealandドキドキ
But i really miss Japan as well,theres so many things that i love about Japanドキドキ

Japanese Culture,My Good Friends,Food,Snow and of course many happy memories that i have of Japan...
Ive now had some time to think about my season in Japan this year and i want to thank some people who really helped my alot this season グッド!

Without all my friends help it makes things difficult in Japan...

Firstly Ancho-My Japanese little sister!!!ニコニコarigatou ne erou erou!!!
Shushou Kantei crew-Thanks so much,this was my house for 2 and 1/2 months!!!Seki kun hontoni arigatou!!!and also my bro Reiji kun and also Nao chan!!!...Minna arigatou!!!ドキドキ
Akira-Thanks so much for helping me with car!!!Its so important for enjoy Japan!!!グー

Also to all my other snowboarding friends thanx heaps for all the good memories and laughs that we had together,i never forget how much fun we had!!!グー Hope to see all u guys in New Zealand this winter!!!!目

Lastly and most importantly thankyou to all my snowboarding sponsors!!!!Without u guys it makes things really difficult...thanks againグッド!


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