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Two days since May 12th International MEcfs/FM/MCS Awareness Day, how are we all doing? I know a lot of us must have used all the energy for the big day so I am bit worried if a lot of us are in bed resting or in pain… are we though at least happy about the big movement we have created on SNS?

It was very successful in Japan!

In Japan, we are so excited to announce that Blue Light Up event as well as Purple and Green light up event, which took place in Aomori and Akita were all very successful. There are only 8 countries with the light up event in the world and we are so happy that there are more places, which got lit up this year than last year.

Last year, the symbolic building in Aomori called, Aspam, was lit up in blue for the Blue Light Up event. This year in Aomori, the Aomori Bay Bridge was also lit up in blue! In addition, the Aomori Bay Bridge was also lit up in green for MCS! Unfortunately, the bridge didn`t have a setting to lit up in purple so it wasn`t purple. Here are some pictures of the light up events in Aomori!

Aspam Blue Light Upビックリマーク

From a different angle!

Aomori Bay Bridge is in green!

It was raining because of Typhoon 5, but it was pretty!

First Blue Light up event in Akita starting this year!

Collaboration with the famoust pumpkin is so much fun!

At Aspam, Japan CFS Support Network also conducted a special event for ME Awareness day. There were messages, pictures, and handcrafted goods from MEcfs patients from all over the country to bring more awareness about MEcfs. The place is decorated in Blue, Green, and Purple to celebrate this special day for MEcfs, FM, and MCS. In addition, this entire event was live streamed to those patients who could not attend the event in person. It was a great moment as we all felt like we did something together!

Maki, the leader of CFS Support Network Japan with the Aomori mascot and those who made this day possible!

The event was colored with blue, green, & purple!

Below are from patients all over Japan!

Hope for the future...

Compared to the ice bucket challenge for ALS, what we have done for ME Awareness Day might be small, but we are all excited here in Japan that there was a big movement on SNS and at 3 locations, which hosted ME Awareness events in Japan, all felt great after the event. Many major Newspapers in Japan came to cover the event as well. Hopefully, even it is not May 12th. We will be able to continue raising awareness for MEcfs, FM, and MCS.

Little from me...

Lastly, as an almost fully recovered MEcfs fighter, I`m sharing a pic I used for ME Awareness Day! May 24th 2013 is when I fell suddenly ill and began my journey with MEcfs. It is going to be my 2 year anniversary soon and I will be competing in the half marathon in Hawaii on May 24th 2015. Maybe after completing this race, I might be able to share that I am fully recovered from MEcfs. Well… hopefully I can share great news soon!

I am doing this report on be half of CFS Support Network Japan. For more info, please check their Twitter where you can see all sorts of updates about May 12th and other MEcfs related events happening in Japan.

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Feel free to find me on Twitter & Instagram as well!

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(*Pictures are from @mecfs_netjp, @akarinet120, & @fantim )

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