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~Scarlet Sabbath~

Moi dix Mois Darkness Big Ceremony Festival ~Scarlet Sabbath~
Additional Live

May 24, 2014 (Saturday) duo MUSICEXCHANGE
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00 Ticket ¥ 5,400 (1drink )

General ticket Release Date
March 29, 2014 (Sat)
Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999
Lawson Ticket 0570-08-4003
E + http://eplus.jp

info: HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03-5720-9999


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Good evening dixers!

I come to remind you of Game Inferno!
To be released on 16! Monologue Garden includes the link
to purchase your copy and more details!

I edited and cleared the photo for your viewing pleasure.

No, dont use it as your own  edit please. Thank you.


Despite that how are you everyone?

Do not forget ,a gift is waiting you on Sanctuary store!
Check the previous entry for more info!

And of course, we expand and love it!
Join me!

And also.. *hehe many things to remind you tonight*
I am on cameran! Your daily Mana-dose at "mana_sama" account.

Blessed new week!

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Dixers!!!! Good morning!!!

Today 12 of April i come with awesome news!!!
Our store has an updated new appearance!!

Its celebrating the love with us!

Visit it right now!!!!

The result worth every single hour i spent to fix it up!

So here come the news!
First of all i am still working on the new design...

Second and most important i think,
is that i am finally able to give away personalized gifts
to all of you that are dedicated customers!

Different gifts, every time,
made with love and appreciation!

So this is the spring deal!!

As of today 12 April 2014 till June 1 , 2014
who ever buys first 3 plus 1 ,
4 of your favorite items, of any design, of any kind
 will receive for free an appreciation gift!

For first time, i chose a compact round mirror,
the perfect item for your bag and trips!

Wanna take a glimpse?

Yes the image on it its so elegant!

Yes the quality is proven perfect! My customers are always satisfied and return back for more!

And the quote in the bottom, comes straight from Sanctuary's heart.

Of course there are some rules regarding this special gift!

~ You are not allowed to sell it! Its a customized gift for you,
the lucky one who will purchase it first!
~ You are not allowed to pass it to someone else. The copyrights
do not belong to you or Sanctuary, so you (and i of course) are not allowed to sell or
give it away!
~ Would be great to be a member of my website ( Click to visit here )
and share exclusive content with us!
~ This is not a mass sale item or part of any other store. This is an exclusive gift for that one customer who complies with the rules above.
~ If we notice something wrong, or the item to be sold anywhere, Sanctuary will not continue the future "give away"s.
~ Sanctuary reserves the right to cancel or change the item , anytime if conditions asks for it.
~ Sanctuary store is a heartbleed free store and with money back guarantee!

We are proud of what Sanctuary has achieved till now
and we wish to share the love with our members and my readers!

Keep in touch with this blog ( or on twitter )
as i will announce it, immediately when / if , the gift has chosen his/her owner!
Hope the potential winner is a great Mana-fan and love it as we do.

Enjoy your weekend
beautiful people!
Stay safe!
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Good morning everyone!

I missed blogging in ameba so much
but i am so busy lately..

But i am back to bring beautiful news!
Our portal is now updated!

Did you share the banner as i requested?
If you have not do it now!

And finally
come join us  and help us grow beautifully.
'Cause this portal is here to stay!

I hope you got a beautiful new week! Blessings!

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