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~Scarlet Sabbath~

Moi dix Mois Darkness Big Ceremony Festival ~Scarlet Sabbath~
Additional Live

May 24, 2014 (Saturday) duo MUSICEXCHANGE
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00 Ticket ¥ 5,400 (1drink )

General ticket Release Date
March 29, 2014 (Sat)
Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999
Lawson Ticket 0570-08-4003
E + http://eplus.jp

info: HOT STUFF PROMOTION 03-5720-9999


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Good evening dixers!
Absolutely an exciting day isnt it?
Mostly for personal matters but regarding Moi meme Moitie
once more!
The G&LB photoshoot was done with success
and we will see spring like items, i think this issue will bring lots of happiness!

And except that , my best man is back in the town!
Time for KORONA nights mate! tehee!

Seems right now everything floats beautifully!
I owe you blog posts regarding the past birthday event and also my latests mini vacations! I do not forget!
Next time perhaps!

Now i only need to finish this rich foam coffee
which i made and for the first time i am satisfied of it and get
back to work!

I am so excited for the latest project
and the owner has yet to see it!!yay!!


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Hello everyone!

How are you? Did you had a wonderful Easter?

Well Sanctuary is back at hard work, after enjoying 3 days away from city
with family!! We did lots of shopping this Friday in Osaka
and returned for a sweet weekend at my vacation home!

I feel like new!!!!!

And now after all the beauty i met on my way
and the love i received from my family
i am back to work hard on new projects!

I need to firstly concentrate on our Portal!

Did you registered yet? It needs your love and content!!

As a second "dish"
i am almost done with a friend of old time's , website.
We might had our problems and fights and fears
but we are always loving and respecting each other
to the point of calling each other names and laughing
instead of fighting!

Yes my "online sister" is actually back
and wished Sanctuary takes care of her Official Website!
I could not say no!!
So it was slowly born!
Took me three hours to organize and design a beautiful elegant website
which she has not seen yet
and i hope she loves it!

some of you might know already that KOIAI DESIGNS owner
faces some personal problems right now and might not be able
access the internet for long long long time.
I hope this never happens and she is with us for ever!!!
Please keep your fingers cross and let the good energy
run to her side and her family!

Since her site closed
i proposed to open and run KOIAI OFFICIAL WEBSITE
in her place
till she is able to be fully responsible of it
and maybe transfer it once more to her old domain name.

So please wait for it! I am excited about it!

"Whats done with love is done well" OK?
If you wonder , if i am paid about my "services"..
The answer is no.
But you can support Sanctuary team ( i am not alone in this..)
by clicking "Official Store" in my sidebar
and buy from it - designs made by me
except the logo- made by Koiai Designs.

Aren't those news exciting?
I love working for people that fill me with love and care
and also at the same time expanding my own knowledge on the subject!
I seriously thought on changing job (haha no)

So please keep in touch with my blog
or the portal as soon both sites will be listed!
Actually the one is already in the site catalogue of the Portal!

Updates on store and coffin cache:
Changed sometime before my mini vacation
their skin! Non yet has won the Mana Mirror despite the sales!
Thank you customers! All my love!

Update on facebook: I got a new page along with a friend!
Please search Gothic Chambers and click Like to it!
Updated daily with dark beautiful content!!

And now allow me please, go back to my work!
Lots of ideas floating my mind! And need to be taken care of!
Happy new week full of good luck and blessings!

I got obsessed with Kamijo's latest album!
Favorite song: throne!

Long...time give you a "Mana"? Here is an easter one! (little bit belated but excuse my absence!)


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Good evening dixers!

News are beautiful for a perfect Summer Ending!

Russians will be lucky to enjoy Moi dix Mois at Libre Stage Kubana
an event with more than 200.000 attenders per year!

14 to 19 of August 2014 at Russia Black Sea Krasnodar Area, Veselovka -
with more details yet to be announced!

Keep track with the event's English official page here.


Did you had an excellent Easter week everyone?
Blessings! Stay safe!

Thank you for the support! We wait you all!

Still non won the Sanctuary Mirror? What you wait for?
Scroll in older posts to find out how!

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