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Moi dix Mois Official Twitter is Open!!!! Follow @M_d_M_Official
or https://twitter.com/M_d_M_official

~Scarlet Sabbath~ Kengo's Memorial Concert.
2 August 2014 - Shibuya Club Quattro



Sanctuary of Mana Official Portal





Coming Live:
Moi dix Mois in Kubana Festival, Russia on 16 of August!

More Info: http://www.kubana.com/

Its true!
After gathering a respectful number of followers
Moi meme Moitie fan base launches an official community!

I am happy to be able support the artistic part of it
along with Madame Rosa that fixed tons of things "under the skin"!

I am proud of this community! I wish it grows big , fast!!

Check it out and register now!


I am still working on my personal projects!
But since i am also  busy in my offline life
they take time to go live!


Are you waiting for the upcoming GLB? hope so!

Here some Monologue Garden Love!

Happy new week!

I edited this small post twice. I am that tired. Stupid mistakes.
Dix Love!

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its pretty an awkward week and weekend with ups and downs...

From happiness for Kaya's Birthday
to sorrow for losing Minya, asagi's pet
to joy for Kamijo's Birthday (Blessed be all of you birthday kids!)
to a lonely weekend for me!

All the feels!

Its good i am busy to different projects!

But ! next Gothic and Lolita Bible will host more Moi meme Moitie!
Dont lose it! Early winter collection to be presented!

Stay safe!

Made some awesome twitter friends today!
Thank you guys, you are totally adorable.

p.s. 2
Till the end of the month
our store will be updated with a new design!
Wait for it!
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..rarrww! I feel strong and powerful!

Good evening dixers i hope you are fine!

Today is Game Lab day i hope you enjoy it!
This post serves as a reminder!

How are you?

Middle of the week and i have no idea with what to start and from where.
Projects pile up and felt i would burst last night!

MDM is also on the way to the live.
For those who will attend
hope you give your heart in it
as the artists will do!

I feel i need to do more things before i return to normal!
Soon you will see! Most probably on my twitter!

Its coffee and relaxing time for me!

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