Moi dix Mois News:
Upcoming Lives
- Shibuya Club QUATTRO Scarlet Sabbath: 15/09/2014
- Kubana Festival Russia: 16/08/2014
- Deep Sanctuary IV: 11/10/2014

- MdM Official Twitter: M_d_M_Official
- DIS INFERNO 7 December 2014 Sunday at Shibuya WWW
Sanctuary Community News:
We celebrate 2 years of Official Existence and as we promised
we bring changes! "Sanctuary of Mana"will not be targeting
the MDM fandom, only so please take care of us!:

- New Appearance and name (Memorial Official Blog)
- New Artists.
- New Official Blog for Sanctuary that will cover all the subjects
Sanctuary is About.
- Moi meme Moitie community: moimememoitie(dot)yooco(dot)org/ MAINTENACE
- Updated Infinite Society: som-official(dot) MAINTENANCE
- Shutting down services that we do not use/update anymore.
- New friends added to the team! (Mrp Official, NYLAVKOfficial etc)
..... and More to come!.

We wish you keep supporting "Sanctuary"
and that we keep serving you at the best way possible.
For all those years, before and after official launch, Thank You.

new twitter!!!! the evolving has begun!

Sanctuary community features are back!

More details at:

Request an invitation on halloween 2014 at

Thank you for everything!!
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最近の画像つき記事  もっと見る >>

Friends and Sanctuary followers!

Celebrating the two official years leads us to a big decision!
We move! We organize ourselves , we add more artists in our Sanctuary
and treat ourselves,  a new blog!

Click here to go to the new Blog!

As of today 7/8/2014 your beloved blog here goes on a hiatus!
But will get updated once in a while mostly in the message part!

We still set it up so please allow some additional time for posts to appear
and its final form!

Till then, become our readers!

Thank you for everything! See you in the new, beautiful corner that got created for you.
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Deep Sanctuary IV announced for 11 October 2014.
Details Not known Yet.

Happy new Week everyone!

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