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So, as the album pre-sale is still going on, I noticed a trend that's strong until today. SEASON OF GHOSTS are getting the most love from the following countries respectively:

Photo 10-11-14 - 5 43 01 π.μ.

U.S.A , Germany, UK and Japan! Numbers 5 ~ are taken by France, Canada, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Greece etc.

Statistics are interesting, but what's most important is the support each and everyone of you is showing me right now. I know people don't have money to spend on music anymore, I know most people are struggling financially or they're not like they used to be in the past, so I appreciate every single order I get, because I know you guys sacrificed something else in order to support me. It means a lot, especially since THE HUMAN PARADOX is my first attempt at songwriting and music production.

The album is dedicated to all of you (you can find my message in the booklet). I couldn't name you all, but you know exactly who you are. Everyone who stayed around all these years, even when my career became unstable and most people doubted about my future. I know that some of you out there never doubted me. So the album is dedicated to YOU, because you've been my strength and my hope all along, even when I felt weak and vulnerable...

It's all in the past now and future awaits!

The album release is closer than ever, can you believe it? (*^0゚)v ィエーイ☆彡

Pre-order up for a few days more:


プレオーダーの話だけど、今までのトレンドはやっぱりこうですね。SEASON OF GHOSTSが一番好きな国はアメリカ、ドイツ、イギリスと日本です!イエイ!後はフランス、カナダ、イタリア、ロシア、スペイン、ギリシャなどです。

ん んん。。。数より重大なのは人の心だけどね。ていうか、世界中の人達はもう音楽の為のお金をあまり出せない人多いし、生活は難しいし。。。だから私の事を サポートしてくれる為にお金を払った皆は凄いと思う。私のアルバムを買う為に他の何かを犠牲したからね。それはとても有難いし、THE HUMAN PARADOXはソフィアの初作詞作曲とProductionだから本当に本当に嬉しいです!

だからこそ、今回のアルバムを君達の皆にささ げた (ジャケットの中メッセージがある!)。皆の名前はジャケットに入れなかったけど、誰だよく分かってるね。今までずっとソフィアのそばに居てくれた 皆。。、元バンドから脱退して将来は見えなかった時、多分”ソフィアもう終わった”と考えてた人が沢山居たかもしれない。私を疑わなかった人は私の力に なって、私の希望になって皆のおかげで今まで元気で音楽をしている。本当にありがとうございました。


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最近の画像つき記事  もっと見る >>


After a much needed semi- break, I'm back to Greece calmer and fairly refreshed! I was planning to stay in Italy/Belgium for 4-5 days in total, but I ended up staying 3 weeks! Not bad, considering I took a breather from the extreme stress I had to go through due to album release and MFVF concert preparations, HOWEVER -and because you know I'm a workaholic-, I did work on several secret projects with the SEASON OF GHOSTS session members (aka Ghost Legion). Actually me and Zombie Sam -MIGHT- have some good news for you pretty soon,too ;)

So yeah, I almost finished tidying up my luggage and I'll start replying to message and e-mails tonight. Sorry for people who've been expecting answers and updates from me, I'll get back to you asap :3 For now, I'll drink my guarana coffee alternative and start working!

Remember you can pre-order my new album until 27 of November 2014. You can pre-order the rest of the merchandise until mid November! Payments accepted: Paypal or credit card. Prices are in euros, but paypal will convert your country's currency without problems and without you moving a finger! Album orders start shipping about a week before the release and a bit later for the rest of the other merch.

BY POPULAR DEMAND, ALL CDs WILL BE SIGNED. For any questions or special requests, please contact


実はSEASON OF GHOSTSのセッションメンバー達と忙しくなったから、プロジェクト色々バタバタしていながら、少しストレス解消の為休みをとった。アルバムプロ ダクションとリリースの為、MFVFライブの為のストレスはクレイジーのように沢山あったから、少しでも休むべきだったよね。身体は壊れたらダメだし。。 w 後、私とZombie Samから大事なお知らせあるかもしれない!もうすぐなにか発表をするかな。。。^^

最後に!日本から注文沢山 入ってきて有難うございます!アルバムのプレオーダーはここのHPのショップから注文できます。今月の27日までオーダーを下さい。Paypalとクレ ジットカードはOK!お値段はユーロだけど、Paypalかクレジットで払う時、円は自動的にユーロに変更されるから安心してくださいね。そして、ギリ シャの郵便局はとても安全だし早いから、皆のオーダーはちゃんと届く間違いない。他のグッズのプレオーダーは今月の16日までOKです!

CDを買ってくれる方はサインももらいます!多くのファンはオーダーの時”サイン下さい”のメールも送ったから、プレオーダーのCDを全部サインすると決めた!特別な文書を望むと を連絡して下さい。日本語はOKです!宜しくね^^

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I feel guilty that I don't have enough time to update my blog and/or translate everything in Japanese lately. I find it easier to update Instagram and Twitter instead, but I love my blog the most, nevertheless ♪

SEASON OF GHOSTS were at MFVF last weekend and what an adventure that was! A couple days before the concert, I travelled to Turin, Italy, in order to rehearse with Ghost Legion, my session band for SOG. Sam, Paul and Max are three highly experienced musicians, with a long stage career and actually this is a deciding factor for the SOG shows ;) I only have a short history as a professional singer, but I'm working hard every day on my voice and performance skills, so having real professionals by my side, not only gives me peace of mind, but at the same time it becomes an enjoyable learning process (and you know very well that I'm a study junkie).

After having rehearsed alone for countless hours and with Sam for another few hours (he came to Thessaloniki just for that!), we both went to Turin to find Paul and Max. Rehearsing with them three, was a relaxing experience, although it was the first time I met them in my life. We needed just a couple of hours in the studio and the band was already set, balanced and ready to perform by the second day of rehearsals! I have to admit I wasn't used to this high level of professionalism until now and despite spending days and days in the studio in the past, it was impossible to reach that level of bonding and coherence with my old band. There's many reasons for that, of course and one of them is that I also have evolved as a person and as an artist.

Pictures and other goodies coming up soon enough! For now enjoy this goofy video we took in the airport, after MFVF. We were sleepless for days and tired as hell :3

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MFVF is drawing close! Less than a week left and I'm getting ready for Belgium ;) Coroner Records informed me that the pressed CDs have arrived, so everything's set!

Those who attend Metal Female Voices Festival on the 18th,will be able to purchase THE HUMAN PARADOX ‬ from SoG's merch booth on limited pre-sale! There will be more merchandise, including t-shirts and posters. Extensive list later!

やっと。。次の土曜日だね!もうすぐベルギー行ってきます!昨日はCoroner Recordsさんからきいたけど、完成されたCDは届いた。素晴らしいでしょう?アルバムは完成だね。信じられないくらいPositiveなショックだ 笑

そして、お知らせもあります。Metal Female Voices Festivalへ来る人はプリセールで THE HUMAN PARADOX を購入ことが出来ます!SoGのぶっぱんコーナーで!他にぶっぱん色々あります。Tシャツやポスターなど。詳しくまた後でね!

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I’m THRILLED to present you my newest collaboration, which is none other that SHURE , the world-famous audio equipment manufacturer!

SHURE sent me this marvelous wireless microphone last week, a model that came out just a few months ago. It’s been specially designed to work all around the world (including Asia), despite frequency differences that usually cause conflicts and disrupt wireless system operation.

こんにちは!最近は新しいコラボレーションをサインしました。HPにも見たと思うけど、世界中に有名なマイクロフォンメーカーのSHURE と契約しました!素晴らしい!

先週はSHURE さ んに素敵なワイアレスマイクセットをもらいました。”世界中に使えるマイクが欲しい”と伝えたので、このワイアレスシステムは特別なSettingありま す。国によってFrequencyが違うので、ワイアレスの機材は普段に問題があるか使えなくなるけど、これはヨーロッパでもアメリカでもアジアでも普通 に使える。幸せ!

It came in this cool hard case that allows you to carry everything comfortably.


Me and you are going places, darling!


More details and photos coming up!



Big thanks and love to everyone at SHURE! You guys ROCK!


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So you might have been wondering how SEASON OF GHOSTS is gonna sound and look live. Will it be just Sophia and a backing track? Sophia and alien holograms? Well, in fact after extensive research, I found and chose the very best!


I present to you GHOST LEGION!

GHOST LEGION is the session band that will accompany me on stage when touring and currently comprises of 3 members: ZOMBIE SAM (guitar), PAUL DARK BROWN (bass) and MAX BUELL (drums). They all are professional musicians with long touring experience. The members of GHOST LEGION may or may not change in the future, depending on the different needs and member schedules.


ZOMBIE SAM is best known for his activities with the band Hallowtide (ex-ZOMBIE SAM), but he’s been session member for major touring legends such as Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, Y.Malmstein) and Dave King (Fastway) among others. He’s a graduated orchestra conductor and soundtrack producer and he co-produced “THE HUMAN PARADOX” together with me.


PAUL DARK BROWN is the main guy behind DiscoInferno , wildly successful band, covering 80′s-90′s hits since 1997. Having toured with famous acts like Gazebo, Spagna, Nia Peeples and Erica Gimpel (from the original cast of 80′s TV show, FAME) and with more than 1600 concerts under his belt, this guy is a machine!


MAX BUELL has had a long career both as session man and recording artist. Having collaborated with bands like Elegacy and Exilia, he currently works as a producer and drums teacher.

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“The Human Paradox” is my first album as SEASON OF GHOSTS and it’s also a concept album. Can you tell what it is about, from the tracklist?

[WORLDWIDE RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER 8, 2014 by Coroner Records]

2. GENESIS – the phoenix syndrome
6. [NE]: MESIS – the kiss of justice
10. QUANTUM – through the looking glass

The Human Paradox is about the circle of life, the process of birth, death and rebirth, through the eyes of a curious time traveller (that would be me ♬), as well as all the phases in-between. Highs and lows, success and failure, good and evil…and the ravaging, bone-crushing irony of the human existence as a whole.

If you still haven’t checked out the full album preview DO IT NOW. Your soul needs it ☆


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To be honest, I never was a girly girl. On the contrary, I've always been a tomboy. Therefore, things that indicated any kind of weakness, softness or girliness were condemned to the pits of hell, in my conscience. Well, don't get me wrong, I've always loved Barbie and pastel-infested cartoons like My little pony, Care Bears, Lady Lovely Locks, Jem etc , but when I had to wear clothes, they were not sparkly or shiny at all.

The way I saw it, girls who dressed up girly, had a soft and exploitable character, they were weak and this was an absolute NO-NO in my world. It still is, however now I can see how one can dress up girly, but still possess a powerful character. As long as you keep the two separated, it's all cool. Outward appearance is like a blank canvas that you get to paint from scratch every day; it's magical! So, nowadays I see it as a kind of game, not strictly as a character-defining trait.

So after a certain age and after re-discovering Japan's pop culture around 2004, I opened myself up to the CUTE and I found out it's exhilarating, liberating and a fine anti-depressant. Frilly dresses, doll-like outfits, dreamy accessories and what not! I've been a MUCH happier person ever since, that's for sure. You should try it too! It works better than emotionally consuming food, candy and alcohol (and drugs - although I've never tried any- )


(these are the contents of my September and August "Kawaiibox" subscription box, respectively) 


可 愛い服装を着てる女は弱い女と思っていたからね。ロリータとか。パステルとか、ロマンチックなスタイルとか。弱い性格の女は絶対に嫌だし、簡単に利用され るし、この世界に生きていけないと思ったから、ソフィアは性格が強いので真面目な服装しか着ないと思っていた。そして、年をとって、2004の頃は日本 の”可愛い文化”を発見して、どんどん心を可愛いに開いてきた。まだ弱い女はダメと思ってるけど、強い性格の人でも可愛い服装を着れると理解してきた。な ぜなら見た目は白いなカンヴァスみたいだね。毎朝はゼロから描いてくるカンバス。ゲームだ!



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Did you know that the 21st of September is World Gratitude Day – since 1966, apparently- ? Well, gratitude is something to be practiced every day, every minute, but it was cool finding out there’s an actual celebration day!


So, guys, treat yourself to something yummy, sit back and reflect for a minute: what are the things you’re grateful for? TAG/mention people you’re grateful to have in your life right now♡

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SEASON OF GHOSTS’ debut album, “The Human Paradox”, is set to be released this December! Isn’t it exciting? I’ve been working on this album for almost 2 years and it’s finally taking flesh and bones. The moment I hold the actual disc in my hands, will probably feel unreal. I’ll be like “COME ON, THIS CAN’T BE REAL! CUT THE CRAP!~” and go loafing with Linda on the sofa or something (≧艸≦*).


Well, here’s the deal! All of you who will be cool enough to attend SEASON OF GHOSTS’ debut concert at Metal Female Voices Festival next month, will have the exclusive chance to purchase “The Human Paradox” on pre-sale, almost 1,5 month before its actual release! Is this reason enough to travel to Belgium? :3

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