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As a former national breaststroker, and given I have swimmers coming in from all over the nation almost every weekend, I tend to spend time on thinking of how I could help the future breaststrokers to improve their technique. 


Playing with the water pressure on their particular body parts by using gears, such as usinig paddles and fins, is what I strongly believe that would help swimmers be aware of what they had been doing wrong and what they should do to swim easier, longer, and faster.


Thus, I would say the core elements for my approach to help improving breaststroke are tactual stimulation and giving proprioceptive information.


How wide your breaststroke kick should be is ratated to above. I met numbers of breaststrokers, wide range of age and competitive level, wondering how wide their kick should be. 


I am aware of the fact that narrow kick is encouraged in many places, especially the US. I was shocked to see how narrow Ed Moses's kick was when I saw him swim at the warmup pool at the NCAAs in the year 2000, where he broke the world record in both 100 & 200 breaststroke. 


I, of course, tried to copy his kicking technique, but it never work out. My kick actually ended up contributing less for propulsion. The reason the deterioration occured was my ankle flexibility did not match this particular techique. 


I actually came to the conclusion well after I stopped swimming as a professional. Then, I got to watch a bunch of elite breasktrokers' kicks ever since I got involved with swimming as the founder of Wonder Years. Their knees are wide apart especially when grab the water with their feet!


You can open knees when you kick breaststorke. You just need to know by how much. 


For that, I think "The Kick Pro" by FINIS is valuable. 




In their commercial, the kick pro is supposed to be teaching narrow kick, but I would use it for the opposite. You learn that you need to open your knees until the band surpress your movement. Of course, you need intially to set the appropriate width (which is using the hole for narrower kick for Japanese breaststrokers), but I think this can be quite useful for those who wonder how wide their kicks should be. 


Swimming could be difficult when you do  not know if your technical attempt is on the right track. Gears like the Kick Pro would give signal of sensation of band's tension.