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    Restaurant launches eye-catching Instagram menu
    This dish is on the Instagram menu.(Credit:Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)Comodo in New York City is serving a heaping side of Instagram along with its swordfish ceviche, seared duck breast, and poblano pepper pasta. The restaurant has decided to embrace all the Instagram users who snap pictures of their food after it's delivered to the table.Comodo's Instagram menu is gathered together under the #comodomenu hashtag. Currently, 55 user-submitted photos pop up showing the FIFA 14 coins PC dishes in various lighting conditions. Seeing the photos may help sway your dining decision one way or another. Comodo is expecting customers to make their menu decisions based on dish recommendations from their Instagram friends or from the sheer visual power of the food. Related storiesFacebook cleared to acquire InstagramInstacube: A digital photo frame for Instagram hipstersDiners are encouraged to add to the Instagram collection and share comments about the food. Few restaurants put photos on their menus, so this is a clever way FIFA 14 Coins PS3 to share the visuals without cluttering up the menu itself. Most of the photos look pretty darn appetizing, though a few FIFA 14 Coins PS4 oddballs have snuck in under the hashtag. There's a photo of a lone banana and a mirror shot of some guy. Hopefully, Comodo's competition won't try to hijack the hashtag with photos from Waffle House or McDonald's.
    Restaurant launches eye-catching Instagram menu
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