PYD JAPAN シーズン4 2011年7月からスタート!!

開催場所:PYD JAPAN青山校 東京都港区北青山2-7-26, 9F
Website: Twitter ID: pydjapan

「Morning Cafe Lesson」好評開催中!
毎週火曜日・木曜日 朝7:30~8:30 料金:2,000円/一人(コーヒー&食事付き!)
元バンクオブアメリカ全米営業1位(歴代最年少)のレオサカイが創業したニューヨーク発・ソーシャル英会話学校「Pursue Your Dream Foundation 」。2010年1月より日本初上陸し、「PYD JAPAN」を設立。日本橋・六本木にてシーズン1を開講。2010年7月からのシーズン2開講を経て、2011年1月からシーズン3、7月からシーズン4をスタート!!
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2011-03-24 02:01:32

DWJ ( Don't Worry Japan)

I hope this message reaches those in Japan!
Approaching 2 weeks from the tragic disaster, we are all in disbelief.
Many ask the question, "what can we do" or "what should we do"?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question/feeling.
Do what your heart says! If you trust what your heart says then you will have no regret.

We often tend to over think many things. Our mind can play many tricks on us.
But be strong and believe and do what you feel is best.
Life is too short to care about what others think.
We have a responsibility to live our lives to the fullest.

Indeed we can not live alone and that is why there is a sense of community.
Communities play a very important role. We can associate ourselves with others, which is the strength of a community. Many communities makes a society and that is how the world works.

Yet at times like this, it is important to value the community but more importantly you have to take care of #1, and that's you. By fulfilling your primary needs you now have the strength to take care of others in your community.

I don't want people to think this action is selfish. For example, times are very difficult right now in Japan, we all feel the pain. We all want to help. However, if we don't care of ourselves first, then how can we take care of others in need. If you have ever been on a plane, before take off they explain to you emergency protocols.
Do you remember what they say when the masks come down?
They say to make sure to secure "your" mask on first before trying to help others. Because it is human nature to want to help those struggling. But if we don't properly put ours on we can't help others.
It is how we have survived and come to this day. By helping ourselves and helping others.

Just please remember "we" ALL feel pain for what has happened to Japan.
WE all want to HELP! By sacrificing yourself to help others is truly noble. Yet please remember there are those who are wishing for your well being as well.
What I want to say is that, life is a chain. We all need one another to survive. Lets try to help and pray in our given capacity. If that means to donate, use less energy/water, consume less goods so it will reach those in severe circumstances, etc.

At the end, if you do what you feel is right then DO IT! Don't be bothered or influenced from others/media/government. You know what needs to be done.
Action speak louder then words. This is time when it truly can help rebuild a nation.
Do what you would do if you were in their shoes...that is what they would want us to do.

My heart goes out to all those brave men and women who are helping/rescuing/comforting the victims from the earthquake/tsunami, Thank you and may god bless you.
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2011-01-25 14:16:25

What is the appropriate time to reply to message

With everything there is a two sided story!
Previously, I mentioned the importance of sending messages.
Perhaps just as important as sending a message, I forgot to tell you replying to messages is also very important.

Think about it. When you send a message to your boss and he/she doesn't reply, how does that make you feel?
Irritated, upset, troublesome, discouraged, angry, frustrating, etc.
If you felt any of these emotions then take a moment and think how the sender feels?
We often forget "do to others as you would want done to yourself" philosophy.
Simply, try to reply to those who are sending you seasonal greetings.
Yes, we all receive countless at times it may seem endless messages, yet remember they are all one step ahead of the game because they are "sending" the messages.
They have taken their time, made time to send out a nice gesture.
The least we should do is reply within a reasonable time period.

Commonly asked upon professionals what is a reasonable time to respond to a message.
Lets say 2-3 business days.
The latest a week!
Again, think of it as a message from your boss to do something.
Would you take more then 2-3 days to get back to them?
I doubt it, if so, expect not to have a job much longer or forget about that raise or promotion.
It's called business etiquette 101!
If you can't reply back to your messages because you are just too overwhelmed with work (WHICH IS NEVER) then my recommendation is to simply construct a template which states the following:
Thank you for your message. At this time I am unable to reply back to you at a timely manner. If this requires immediate assistance, please contact ....
Doesn't this message ring a bell.
Yes, when you go/are on vacation or will not have access to replying to any correspondence!

We are all busy. Those who keep using that as an excuse we be left behind.
Think of the millions of people who say they are "busy"!
I think it is insulting when someone says they are busy.
As if I am not busy. When we look closely about our daily lives we will notice how non-busy we really are and realize that we are just not managing or prioritizing our time properly.
Those who succeed/successful are true professionals with time management.
They MAKE time.
Therefore they reply to messages on a timely manner.
So as you start the new year, why not put time management at the top of your new years resolution.
It just might be the solution to many other resolutions on the list!

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2011-01-03 07:51:37

New Years Resolution

Topic: Courtesy

First of all I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful happy holidays and new year!
I'm sure as the year comes to an end we are busy tying up lose ends and building new relationships.
With that said, are you taking advantage of the holidays? I don't mean the sales from shopping.
The season of giving! During the holidays, many of us receive many messages, letters, gifts and of course spam.

However, have you ever thought using the holidays as a door opener to previously gone bad relationships or relationships in general?
Many of us are forgiving because of the holiday spirit.
So act on it, don't waste it!

Open that contact book/smart phone or other planning device and start sending thank you messages.
It is a great way to rekindle old and new relationships.
A simple, "happy holidays" can sometimes go a very long way!
We all love to receive but those who give also have a better opportunity to succeed.
In essence they are planting their seeds now.
While it's cold, and many people hibernate, they are preparing for the future, next spring/summer!

We often ask what does it take to succeed?
Well, I believe it is those who create their own chances and act upon it.
Many of us know what to do but for some strange we don't act on it, "too busy...please, we are all busy"!
Maybe this year can be a start of a great new year with a simple action, JUST DO IT!

I recommend starting with the closest and dearest to you, family and close friends.
Don't forget them cause sometimes we overlook the closest and most dearest to us.
As each day passes, try to broaden that circle. ( 2. close friends 3. colleagues 4. clients 5. facebook :)
Hopefully, by the end of the year you will have reached out to those you forgot about.
Just remember with time much can change, perhaps an old friend is a big shot executive, you never know.

You would be surprised a simple, "how are you and hope you are enjoying the holidays" goes to even a far relationship.
Don't kid yourself, we may all think we are all happy but there are millions of people that are also lonely during these times.
So why not share that happiness and joy!

I wish you the best and if there are any stories please feel free to share them and let me know.
Please read my opening sentence again, lol!

Leo Sakai
Chairman & Founder
Pursue Your Dream Foundation
100 Park Ave, 16th Flr, New York, NY 10017
USA Cell: (1) 212-991-8004
JPN Cell: (81) 090-1201-3792
Web: ( Japanese)

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2010-12-27 08:12:19

Season Greetings/New class info

PYDのLeo です。

今年の初めにPYDの日本支部、PYD JAPANをスタートしてから、早くも1年、



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi!
I'm sure this time of year you are very busy with bonenkai and many parties/events.
Tying up loose ends and beginning new relationships.
Hope your work is going well!

Less then 10 days until my return to Japan.
I can't wait since I hear Japan is warm these days.
NY is too cold, it snowed today!
Already it's been a few times under minus.
Keep warm and enjoy the remaining of 2010!

Party info: NOT FORMAL, CASH ON so please feel free to stop by
日時: 2011年1月14日(金) 20時~
場所: 外苑前 "HUB"
住所:東京都港区北青山2-7-25 神宮外苑ビル1F

Date: Jan 14th(Fri), start fro 8pm
Place: Gaien-mae "HUB"
Address: 1st floor Jingu Gaien Bldg. 2-7-25 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo


Thank you,

Leo Sakai
Chairman & Founder
Pursue Your Dream Foundation
100 Park Ave, 16th Flr, New York, NY 10017
USA Cell: (1) 212-991-8004
JPN Cell: (81) 090-1201-3792
Web: ( Japanese)
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2010-08-24 15:52:24

Second Season!

After a long absence from writing, I decided it is important to summarize my thoughts. Recently, I have started to teach English again in Japan.
My company PYD Japan has already begun it's 2nd season!! People often ask me what I do and I often reply "helping make peoples dream come true"!
It may sound corny however, I realized that what PYD teaches is far important that just English.
By using English correctly, ones world can change dramatically!
I often emphasize this to my students. English is the common global language.

Recently, one of my staff and I were about to get on a train.
There was a small group of foreigners who seemed lost.
My associate simply asked "may I help you" and they replied "Tameikesanno".
After guiding them to a local metro map and explaining which direction and how many stops from the current station they politely said" arigato"!
I explained to my associate that they were German but because they heard English they were able to ask for help easily.
Although, I thought it was funny how they did not reply by saying "thank you".

Through this incident my associate realized that being able to speak English fluently is not the key to connect with foreigners.
Rather the small gesture/confidence to wanna help those who need help is actually what is truly important.
Studying English and if properly learned to bridge global gaps, it will surely open/unlock many doors.
For those who are interested in learning how to use English effectively, please feel free to visit my free classes.
Afterall, I will be heading back to NY again in mid-October!

Hopefully, I will be able to meet some of you.
If not, please look forward to more interesting stories of Japan through a gaijins point of view!
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2010-04-27 06:52:17

The Importance of Weekends 週末の大切さ!

How do you spend your time on weekends, I think it correlates to how successful you can be during the week.
Most of us like to sleep late. That is a normal!
And there is nothing wrong with that, or is it?
As I have gotten older, I have come to realize an inconvenient truth...time never comes back.
Of course, everyone knows that, right?
It's like we know we shouldn't eat junk food like McDonalds but we do because of the convenience. ( maybe the taste too, BUT watch Supersize Me later! Oh no)

For the past 10 years I have volunteered coaching soccer to kids on weekends from early 9am ( remember this is a Saturday and Sunday)
And let me tell ya, it's such a stress relief! Given the factors that I love kids and soccer, I feel alive. Or perhaps I just like yelling at kids to release my own stress and feel authoritative.
Regardless of the outcome, I think the process is important.
Waking up early and enjoying a full days worth of natural time is priceless.
After coaching soccer until early afternoon, I play golf with my boyz that I have known for almost 20 years.
In the mornings I use my body ( physical) and get a light exercise while I coach ( mental) the kids. The afternoon I hang out with my second family or play with their friends or sometimes even strangers! We talk, laugh ( emotional) and even at times exchange ideas about business and life.
By the time I get home, it's dark and I am exhausted but not a bad exhaustion, more like s sense of fulfillment!

The reason why I want to share this is because I believe by efficiently spending weekends you can feel actually feel better about yourself.
It's like the body is a car (machine) and by properly using it, it can take you to many places! ( safely )
The more we use time efficiently and at the same time doing something we enjoy, it helps us heal without knowing.
Think about it, many of us don't like where we work and what we do for a living but that's life, right?
It pays the bills? you really don't have much say at work if you're employed!
Then actually, the only control we have of our lives is the weekend.
So please invest in it wisely and don't waste it and take it for granted because like we all know time doesn't come back and time is money!!!! ( so unless you have money to waste, you know what do)
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2010-04-24 07:12:58

Tokyo -----> NY

Finally back to NYC! Being away for nearly 5 months was very very long.
Although it was a wonderful experience being away from home, home is home.
I was fortunate that this trip allowed me find a new home, Tokyo Japan!
Meeting such wonderful people.
This past January, I launched a new business English school in Tokyo called Pursue Your Dream ( Japan ).
The students I met were absolutely amazing.
We all learned from each other. Culturally, business, and personal.
In just 3 months, we really became a small family.
I noticed no matter where we are from or what we do at the end, making true relations is so vital to life.
Having been back for a week now, I realize it's not where we are but it's what we make of where we are.
The memories, relationships, hardships, experiences all have made me stronger I feel as a person.
Now it's time for me to take it to the test and see how much I can apply what I learned in the capital of the world, NY, NY!
Also, I will be frequently writing hot topics that are currently circulating in NYC so yoroshiku!

Thank you,
Leo Sakai
Chairman & Founder
Pursue Your Dream Foundation
100 Park Ave, 16th Flr, New York, NY 10017
USA Cell: (1) 212-991-8004
JPN Cell: (81) 090-1201-3792
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2010-03-16 11:19:56

Thank you!

こんにちは、事務局です。現在Pursue Your Dream Foudationのクラスに参加して頂いているファミリーにブログでPYDの事を、紹介していただきました。

Naoko-san Thank You!


ニューヨーク発・ソーシャル英会話学校Pursue Your Dream Foundation

Pursue Your Dream Foundationジャパン事務局

〒107-0052 東京都港区赤坂9丁目5-12 Nature Body House
電話:03-5201-3876 FAX: 03-5201-3712

New York Head Office
100 Park Ave, 16th Flr, New York, NY 10017
USA Cell: (1) 212-991-8004

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2010-03-15 14:45:26

International Relationship and beyond!

This past weekend I experienced an amazing supriseMy current students in
Pursue Your Dream Foundation (PYD) held a suprise
birthday party for me...and made me cry!!!
I was incredibly touched and I couldn`t beleive the amount of people who
were actually involved in planning and coordinating the event.
From the interior decoration of the restuarant, the presentation and
management it was truly an amazing experience.
It was the first time I experienced such an event where
PYD Japan and PDY NY, my family and close friends all came together.
Sort of difficult to explain this experience so please feel free to view it






This event made me think that friendships has no boundaries!
Perhaps we often email or talk to friends from all over the world on a
regular basis but how often do we truly appreciate that relationship?
Over the past decade or so communication has allowed us to feel closer to
our loved ones.
Hence it should make us feel happier, right?
However, are we really getting happier?
I think we often take for granted what is around us and forget how lucky we
really are.
During and after this wonderful gift, they made me realize how truly
lucky/grateful I am to have friends and family who care so deeply.
Distance and technology doesn`t matter, I think it`s the heart that brings
us together.
I came to Japan with a dream/vision to connect US ( NY ) and
Japan ( Tokyo )through education.
I`ve only been here for only 3 months but even it may have been
for only a day, I felt my dream had come true.
If we all work together and have a common goal, anything is possible to
That is what my students in Japan and US made me feel and realize.

With that said, I have decided every day I want to make someone smile or
feel happy.
For example, late last night I stopped by a convenient store and to the
gentleman handling the register I simply said,
and he seemed shocked but happy!
It occured to me that even a simple gesture of gratitude or acknolwedgment
can make people very happy!
So I want to thank all my PYD students for making me realize
how grateful I should be because there are many people who are cheering and supporting my vision even from far far away each and everyday!
Again, I want to thank everyone who helped open my heart!...although I must
say using my parents to make me cry was not fair:)


今、私が講師として開校しているPursue Your Dream (PYD)クラスの生徒さんが私の誕生日パーティを開いてくれて、私は・・・泣いてしまいました。。。












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2010-03-07 19:19:54



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