Best Treatments for Saggy Skin.




If you are in your twenties, you may not have thought about sagging of your skin. A lot of people in their mid-30s start to see the signs of aging and feel the importance of skin care. If you already have a saggy skin, check if any of the following applies to you.


1. Large pores

As the skin gets saggy, your pores are pulled down, looking bigger and open with a tear shape.

2. Brown spots

Your capillaries get squeezed by the hanging fat in your saggy skin and the blood circulation of the skin is decreased. You get brown spots on the surface of the skin which has a cycle of 28 days so they should also disappear after 28 days. However, if the flow of capillaries is disrupted and fails to send nutrition, the 28 day-cycle is delayed and they remain on the skin.

3. Shadows under your eyes

Your capillaries get squeezed by the hanging fat in your saggy skin and the blood circulation of the skin is decreased. The blood vessels can be seen through the skin and look like shadows under your eyes.

4. Acne

Your capillaries get squeezed by the hanging fat in your saggy skin and the blood circulation of the skin is decreased. The poor blood flow impairs metabolism in the skin. This blocks the oil coming from the oil glands and the pores become clogged. The oil gets stuck in the glands and become oxidized, leading to red spots.


5. Lack of firmness and elasticity of the skin

The skin’s firmness and elasticity are related to the dermic layer of the skin, subcutaneous tissues and muscle tissues. The dermic layer is four times thicker than the epidermis and it works as a foundation to support the epidermis. The epidermis contains collagen which keeps the skin firm and elastin which gives the skin elasticity.

If your skin is saggy, the collagen and elastin are growing old. They cannot perform their original role of keeping the skin firm or elastic and the skin gets saggy.


If you have any of these signs, take care of your body as well as your face and you will get better results because sagging of the face cannot be improved easily just by facial care.
Areas connected to the facial muscles, like your neck, shoulders, ears and scalp as well as organs, which show your skin condition like a mirror, have a big impact on sagging of the face. Your back needs regular care, but you can hardly massage your back yourself so ask your partner or a therapist.

You can balance the internal organs by stimulating the reflex zones on the back that are directly linked to the organs. Using hot stones will also help when massaging your bottom, back and shoulders, keeping you comfortable and warm. Then, carefully massage your neck, shoulders, upper arms and the lower part of your neck. If you suffer from cold feet and hands, get a massage along the flow of arteries from the top of your thighs to ankles and from your shoulders to fingers, which is the opposite flow of normal massages. It will improve the flow of the arteries that supply nutrient, oxygen and water to every corner of the body, and remove the accumulated waste, helping you to detox.

For massage, use Jojoba oil, cocoa butter or apricot kernel oil, depending on the purpose. They will make your skin look beautiful.

When your face is swollen, add 1% of essential oil like juniper berry, cypress or grapefruit. (1 drop of essential oil is approximately 0.05ml.)


At the end of your body care, massage your nails, including the bottom of your nails as well.

Arteries and veins meet in the finger. Massaging this part will improve your blood circulation like a pump.

If you are the type of person who always works hard or gets nervous easily, the sympathetic nerve tends to be more active. The active sympathetic nerve makes white blood cells lose their balance and immune systems weak.

Massaging your nails will help your parasympathetic nerve to be active, make you relaxed, increase lymphocytes and improve the immune systems.

After the body care, give yourself a facial care, using argan oil, rose hip oil, and rose or neroli essential oils.

Massage your scalp and press acupressure points in the ear and the surrounding areas. If you suffer from skin disorders and want to increase the immunity of your skin, you need to be careful with a serum to use after massage.

Propolis concentrate serum; propolis is a substance which bees use to paint the inside of their nests to keep them sterile. It is used as a natural antibiotic.

It also includes flavonoids, minerals, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B complex and polysaccharides that strength the skin.

If you have lots of brown spots or your skin looks darker, use a serum containing a high concentration of placenta or vitamin C derivative.

To improve the elasticity of your skin, choose one with marine-derived substances like caviar or pearls.Top of Form

Bottom of Form

EGF and fullerene that regenerate cells are suitable for pore treatment. EGF is a factor that people naturally have to regenerate epithelial cells. As you grow older, you produce less EGF and that causes the skin to age. However, new skin cells can be generated by supplying EGF to the skin.

Fullerene has an antioxidant power of 125 times that of vitamin C and makes your skin looks brighter.

Collagen masks will prevent the deterioration of your skin layers.

Collagen accounts for 30% of the proteins in our body and it also exists in the skin. Although the amount and quality of the proteins in the skin is affected by active enzymes produced by UV light, radiation, ozone, you can control it by applying collagen to the skin.

In your busy life, you have only limited time to take care of your skin.

ドキドキIt will come handy for body and facial massage if you have about three bottles of essential oils at home.

Mix it into argan oil or jojoba oil and apply it on your skin.

This is a photo of my favourite essential oil from The Aromatherapy Company in the U.K.

The essential oils of this brand are organic, approved by the Soil Association, as they pay attention to even soils.