How Hard Can it Be

How Hard Can it Be

Fifty years ago, about 1958 or 1959, when I was in grade one or two of primary school, was little naughty naughty, my first teacher, Sun Xuedian, for my education and strict some. I remember once, sun teacher to my house, when in the presence of my parents criticized me, I was self willed, not only did not accept, but also against sun teacher saying "you (are) right".
When this sentence without thought, did not think with me for decades.
Then I grew up adult, Wan son wedding, skilled the vicissitudes of the world, often recalled childhood this sentence, like a shadow, always lingering, always linger in my mind. Along with the growth of the age, more think more sad, feel sorry for Miss Sun, the sentence "you are right," was how hurt his heart, than to call him a are hurt the heart. He had been wrongly classified as a rightist, life is in the low tide, already enough distress, in the face of Alexander, but also teach and educate, teach us to be good to learn, a good is not easy, but I'm a little boy, but also to the teacher sun wound sprinkle salt. More praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct is, sun teacher wasn't angry with me, and I have not the sensible child generally dispute, to he a teacher elder open-minded, so good to me, still to the father love me, education me earnestly.
This scene, to the movies as often in my mind to show, more and more clear, also make me more and more be on tenterhooks. Yes, I will immediately face to face his old man's house to apologize! Determination of again and again, when you really want to make the trip, but shilly-shally. Teacher sun that care about me and love me good to me, is looking forward to his students grow up in the future to have ambition, he such a great kindness, what I use to repay ah, I did not when two didn't get rich, Hira Yasuyochi personally, I like to face his old man's house, he won't be angry? Think of these, plucked up the courage and shrink back.
I do not know how many years passed, Qiazhiyisuan, sun teacher if alive, is estimated to have eighty a few years old, I'm approaching retirement age, it seems I was destined when not official would never prosper, to wait until the official rich then glory glory light to Mr. Sun is an apology not possible, moreover, Mr. Sun also may not always be alive ah, Mr. Sun if you go, I will not regret a lifetime, I this apology will not achieve, then even in my grave and cry one thousand times, one thousand of apology, and offered one thousand burnt flower, ten thousand pieces of paper, sun teacher never ignore me, late. -- can't wait, is this.
So I prepared a gift, fortunately, relatively easy to find the teacher sun, 50 years no see teacher sun, the body is still hale and hearty, meet again, "Mr. Sun, I sorry you......" I hugged Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun also hold me, I two pain for a long time.
Finally, I finished more than 50 year wish, unload the burden at heart happy, relaxed.
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