february 2010! it's been a long time.


ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノリラックマ OMGOMG it's been over a month since i updated!!! i do want to apologize to my followers, i kinda lost my blogging streak this first month of the new year. i do admit, i have somewhat disconnected from the blogging world (both blogger and livejournal) and have been more engaged in other activities. i guess it's bad when i have such a wide range of interests, and sometimes i can't keep up with everything. im hoping to get back in the groove of blogging though, although it may not be frequent as i used to be.

!!!!!!!!i started school last week, and although i have only two classes, i can tell that i'll be doing some heavy studying and spending a lot of time working on projects. aside from actual schoolwork, im also doing some self studying - and trying to learn japanese writing. i already memorized almost all of the hiragana characters and have started on katakana. i hope to memorize that soon so i can start the long journey of learning kanji. i been trying to find a self studying method that suits me, and that is a process in itself. so far i just been immersing myself with podcasts, youtube vids, and just plain reading. it's going okay so far. anyway, partly the reason for this self-study in japanese is because they do not offer language courses at the school im attending since it's primarily an art school. im surprised that i haven't started on this japanese language self-study years ago, since i have been into the culture for quite a long time now. i admit, it's the リボン-borderspinkfashion and コリラックマkawaii culture that attracted me at first but i have taken an interest in everything else otherwise. anyway, i would really like to reaccess one of my goals as far as getting my bachelors in design, i'm also thinking about designing in はたjapan or doing designs for japan in the near future. i know it will take hard work & actual skill and talent, i know it will be rough but we shall see how it goes over the next 5 years or so. i know i can't be playing around anymore, i really have to get serious about my goals.!!

スポンジボブso what else i have been up to this past month really? anyway, since im all about the visual - of course, i can't forget to throw some colorful images in here.. so here is what ive been up to, enhanced with pictures -- haha

meeting up with dolly & jessica in daly city

キティ1so michi (my diamond sister) had a meet up with some gals in LA including this gal named Dolly (i already knew her from the lj community everyday_gyaru) and since she was back home in the bay area - we decided we would hang out too. so me & Jessica met up with her, we had lunch at Elephant Bar & did a little window shopping at the seramonte mall. i wanted to buy so many things there but i was saving up for shopping at Daiso. i loved all the accessories at 21 though, Forever 21's accessory store. I found so much rocker-gyaru stuff there, and cute hats like this purple beanie. I didn't buy anything though. After we hit up Daiso, i decided to buy things i would actually use. so i bought a set of nails, some deco stuff for nails, a new cow print mug for drinking tea, and some lashes. anyway, we had a fun time, even though it was only for a short while. hopefully we can meet up sometime again this year.

薔薇むらさきgyaru style in the works!薔薇むらさき

so i admit, ive been so busy to actually try out new styles BUT~! i did manage to try out a new hairstyle and did a little variation on my makeup. what do you think? i think its hard to do hairstyles with clip on hair extensions than if the extensions were braided in but im working on trying out more updos! and since we're talking about hair, im really bored of mine right now. im thinking of getting a trim and dying it once i get some money again. as far as color and cut, i don't know what style yet.. but once i do, i'll update you.


ハート2and nails! so i was inspired by a lotta nail art for the past couple months especially from my diamond sister (val) so i just decided to make my own (although rather simple and not as elaborate as all the other nail art photos out on the web). what do you think? i actually really like this one. i wanna make more, but i just haven't dedicated the time to. (see when you have so many interests?)

skype convo with BFF juvy and lani!

携帯so i finally joined the bandwagon and got skype . i got it since my friend juvy told me too and i really don't know why it took me so long, it's so fun to have. im only using it to chat with close family & friends so no skype friend requests in the comments please.

anyway, our convo included random stuff like taking screenshot photos of each other and photoshopping each other in different japanese fashion genres. juvy & lani were photoshopping screenshots of me, and i photoshopped screenshots of them. here we have old school ganguro, visual kei & hime style. i apologize if any of this offends you, but this was all in good humor and fun. having chats with them makes me miss them more than i already have, and corny it may seem, our skype chat was like we were all together again. i look forward to our reunion one day.

3 year anniversary with Ian

ラブゥme and ian made 3 years this month!! :) i seriously believe i love him more and more each day. im sincerely in love with him - and i think being together here in california living with each other bonded our relationship more.. we fight here and there like every couple of course, but i love him so much. i wanna grow old with this guy. there's no one else i want to be with. just having him by my side makes me the happiest girl alive. anyway, i guess that's all i have to say for now. i want to update more, but i think this will do for now. i hope you guys are having an awesome 2010! ;) happy early valentines day too..キラきゅんっWハート

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