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With the launch most typically associated with Dressing-Room Panic, Roger Viver is considered the latest brand to help tackle the idea of casino appropriate for fashion addicts.
Roger Vivier Belle de Nuit Strass Black Heels

Available for the apple ipad tablet, the app-based game invites users to help a good solid shopper rearrange the woman's latest purchases prior to her wardrobe overflows. They do so just by pairing up sneakers for instance, or hitting the infamous Roger Vivier outlet buckle to clear more space, all the whlie evading numerous traps through out. Levels range from process beginner to shopaholic.

Having a great time with fashion Cthe substance of Vivier! read a voice message on Facebook announcing it a couple of weeks past. The aim is also to assist fans rediscover a few of the company's most iconic design. Will it convert to income, I'm not so sure but it's an adorable attempt.
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