Ingrid tarrant shares beer bath with a chuckle brother on Tiffany Shop coach trip Undignified:Barry elliot-Aka one half of the chuckle brothers-Cracks a joke as he, ingrid tarrant and coach trip host brendan sheerin strip off for a beer bath in prague And yesterday, as (more here) the group arrived in pilzen in the czech republic, they were asked to sample the local beauty treatment for themselves. Each member of the group were asked to strip off and have a soak in a bath of beer, which locals claim is good for the skin. But rather than share with one of the girls-Or even one of the lads-Ingrid, 56, was joined by barry elliot, 65, who is one half of the chuckle brothers and coach trip host and guide brendan sheerin. Having a laugh:Ingrid roars her head off with laughter as she soaks in the beer tub It's a wonder why ingrid is taking part in the reality tv show at all, as she doesn't need the money after winning a £12.5million divorce settlement from her ex-Husband in 2008. Maybe she just fancied click here to see more info about bracelet charms a shot at fame or a free trip taking in the sights of europe, but maybe she should keep her clothes on for the rest of it. Ingrid has been joined on the trip by actress carol harrison, 55, who is best known for her role as tiffany's mum in eastenders, big brother posh boy ben duncan, 30, and his friend, the apprentice contestant raf bjayou, 30. Also chuckle brothers paul and barry elliot, glamour girls imogen thomas, 27, and bianca gascoigne, 24, and former eastenders stars ricky groves and alex ferns, both 42. Imogen and bianca wasted no time trying out the local spa treatment for themselves and stripped off and jumped into a bath together. And at one point, brendan was forced to cover bianca's breast with His hand to save the show's pre-Watershed audience's blushes. But groves, who played hapless mechanic garry hobbs in the bbc soap, was having none of it and hopped to his own bath completely naked, giving the girls a cheeky flash as he did. Oi, oi!Ricky groves gets in the spirit of the beer bath treatment Coach trip, which has been broadcast on channel 4 since 2005, takes seven teams of two on a tour round europe which usually last seven days, with each team voting others off during that time, and each couple who are ejected from the tour are replaced with a new one. This is the very first celebrity coach trip, which was filmed over two weeks, started on monday and so far has visited the czech republic and will head into germany and then on to other destinations.

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