Hi, there !!
Long time no see 目

I’m challenging this book ,again あせる
This book is written by Julia Cameron.
She was Martin Scorsese’s wifeラブ

It’s written about her workshop for artist.

I’m at a tanning point in my lifeアップ
I need passion and motivation 炎
So I made devision try again グッ

I recommend this work ラブラブ

Thank you for reading my blog キスマーク
Hello 鳥Everyone !!
Spring is coming ラブ
Cherry blossoms are coming out in Tokyo ガーベラ

Today, I have a good news キラキラ

I have a screening “Filled with Steam” on 27thカメラ
This movie is detected by Rina Tanaka,written by Ryota Kato and educated by Manrin Lee.
There is no charge for admission ウインク



We have a talkshow on stage カラオケ


I’m looking forward to seeing you 口笛
Thank you for reading my blog キスマーク

I have a Good news ひらめき電球

We have “The Garden Apartment” screening on 30thキラキラ
We hope you all come and joinラブ


3月30日(金) 19:30-23:00
¥1500 + 1Drink


19:30- 開場
20:00- 「ガーデンアパート」上映 & 舞台挨拶
21:30- ALMA, Cemetery ライブ

Galaxy is big screen and nice sounds 音譜
Let’s enjoy together ちゅー

We’re looking forward to see you 音符