"Mon Amour, Jardin"

†"Sanctuary of Mana" †V.2

Sanctuary is heading itself off hiatus this Autumn!
And we promised a lot!

First gift of them all,
the promised interview with New Aristocrats!

From now on, MEDIUM will host all our interviews!
And we got many to take!!! Enjoy the first one here:


And wait for more of our news!
Its all in trial and error!

Also we are back on Twitter @Sanctuaryof Mana

Take care!

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Well, roses and thorns,
long time again!
Happy new month!! we head to the heart of the summer!

Important day today for the Sanctuary team
since our translator has her birthday!

Happy birthday dearest Helena all the best for you!

Team loves you!!

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Roses and Thorns , good evening
really long time isn't it?

Kami's Day has arrived  , for one more year
the feelings in Sanctuary circles are quite messed up.
From one hand everyone been working happily to bring Sanctuary out of hiatus
we are very close to that,
to the other hand remembering someone that we all loved and appreciated
is making our hearts beat nostalgically.

So today i guess we will take it slow because soon things come up
we cant slow it down a lot we need a boost!

This boost is my partners birthday, that is same to Kami's day
and i wanna be the first to wish her for it so..

Happy Birthday to our sweet Koiai Designs, mastermind Sarah,
we thank her for everything and we pray - PRAY - She remains with us until her
old old days? I can always hope so.

Lets all have a blessed Sunday and please everyone stay healthy.
I hope next post has something to convey about the new Sanctuary.
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 Oh ahahaha Roses and Thorns
 i really had no intention to keep this secret
neither to wait for a special edition of it
in newest coffin cache!!

How are you?

For all of you , tumblr fans here. i got the ultimate downloader for you
either you wish to keep an archive of your tumblr
either you wish to keep at once the whole image archive
of another account, not locked of course!

Here i come to present you TumblOne the FREE tumblr crawler
which will save in a folder all your images at once.
A friend discovered it by mistake! And made me the happiest person in the world!

You can find it here:


Description says:

TumblOne is a free program that allows you to download every image from a Tumblr blog of your choice. This is useful for blogs that are deleted often that have images you want to backup to your hard drive.

And is available for both pc and mac os users! Hit it today!

The screenshot is not updated but more or less this is how it works:
You paste the link of the tumblr account you wish to rip
You check it and click crawl and at the same time you have the chance
to skip all gif files if you don't want them even.

The program will create a separate folder at your downloads
with all the image posts in it.
Well i got tons of reasons to be excited trust me!!

Have fun, stay safe and wait for Sanctuary Good things take time!!!

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Roses and Thorns!

Its finally summer!!!!!

Lets enjoy it to the max!!

An important month begins with lots to celebrate
starting from the  birthday of one of our most favorite partner!

Happy Birthday Young Lady, may you always be happy!

I might return to work from tomorrow but its all so different now right?

Stay positive!

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